What is the function of plastic granulator?

The plastic granulator is a very great invention because it not only creates benefits for the user, it also makes a significant contribution to our environmental protection. In the past, waste plastics were generally disposed of by incineration and landfill, but these two ways can easily damage our ecological environment. What are the damages caused by the … Read more

What is the Function of Plastic Pelletizing Machine

Plastic granulator is a very environmentally friendly machine. The role of the plastic pelletizing machine is mainly to recycle waste plastic granulator for reuse. The main types of plastics recycled are a plastic film, plastic chips, woven, plastic products, plastic packing cases, containers, cable wrapping materials, and various daily sundries, entertainment, health care device and … Read more

How to dispose the waste gas produced by plastic granulator

During the plastic processing, especially waste plastic recycling processing, waste plastic after sorting, crushing and cleaning, will be sent to waste plastic granulator for high temperature melting and filtering extrusion, during which, varying degrees of waste smoke emissions became a major source of secondary environmental pollution. If we emit waste gas without treatment will seriously … Read more

How to distinguish superior plastic recycling pelletizing machine from the inferior?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the new market economy, more and more emerging countries begin to pay attention to the development of the plastic recycling industry, and the development team of the plastic recycling machine industry is also growing. Plastic recycling pelletizing machine, simply speaking, is a kind of production equipment to produce particles, … Read more

How to use plastic granulator correctly?

Plastic granulator is a commonly used plastic equipment in the waste recycling industry, but to figure out the effective operation method of it is also a problem, which urges for a solution. Only by the correct use of the plastic pelletizing machine, can ensure its normal operation and ideal effect. In order to ensure the … Read more

Owner’s Manual for Plastic pelletizing machine

The plastic pelletizing machine needs proper maintenance before using or during use. This machine can use a long time with good maintenance, so as to bring more benefits to the user. The first. Requirements on clothes and matters needing attention 1. Wear work clothes, masks, protective glasses and gloves during working. 2. Be careful with … Read more

Plastic recycling machine prices in Southeast Asia

In recent years, social and economic development in Southeast Asia has been very rapid. However, with the development of the economy, major pollution has occurred, especially the storage of plastic waste is increasing, and plastic waste is an extremely difficult item to be decomposed. If it is not used, it is very easy to bring … Read more

Plastic pelletizing machine manufacturers

Matters needing attention during the operation of plastic pelletizing machine 1. When the operator fills, be sure to look good, do not enter the material in the material, master the temperature. If the mold does not appear in the strip when the machine is turned on, it may be that the temperature of the die … Read more