New development direction of waste plastic pellet making machine

Plastic recycling machines are mainly divided into three categories, namely injection molding machines, plastic pellet making machine, and blow molding machines. Plastic pellet making machine is a kind of plastic machinery. The high speed and high yield of the pellet machine enables investors to obtain larger output and high return with lower investment. However, the … Read more

Plastic recycling machine has good development prospects

It is understood that developed countries use the amount of plastics for automobiles as an important indicator to measure the level of automobile design and manufacturing. The amount of plastic used in each vehicle has increased from 100-130kg in the 1990s to 152kg in 2004 and 174kg in 2006. Now The dosage is 230kg. At … Read more

Plastic granule making machine needs more promotion

The recycling of waste plastics has been freed from the narrow concept of diligence and thrift. It has been linked to environmental protection, resource recycling and strategic measures for sustainable development of the national economy. It has also become an important new force to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the plastics industry. The … Read more

Development prospects of waste plastic granule making machine

With the continuous strengthening of World’s engineering construction, the granulator industry has shown a good momentum of development and ushered in great development opportunities. According to the relevant information, the main direction of the future growth of plastic granule making machines is the market share brought by product upgrades. And the new growth point of … Read more

Plastic pellet making machine for sale

The development of the plastic pellet making machine industry has great potential. It is used in large-scale, precision, special-purpose plastic pellet making machines, low-temperature, high-power single-screw granulators, and blown plastic granulation machines for related industrial products. A good development prospect. Waste Plastic granulation extruders are popular for their versatility. And its price is moderate, and … Read more

India develops green building plastics

India is a country with a shortage of resources, and the development of green building plastics has specific economic and social significance. In recent years, India’s green building plastics have been greatly developed, showing a good momentum of development. Experts pointed out that non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free plastic building materials will become the hot spot … Read more

Prospects for the plastic pellet making machine machinery industry

Plastic pellet making machine is widely used in granulation of PET sheet, HDPE, LDPE, PP, and other plastic films after washing. Plastic pellet making machine has a very promising future, not only for it can¬†improve the environment, but also bring large profits to us in the market. Characteristics of plastic pellet making machine: 1: Forced … Read more

Plastic pellet making machine solves the problem of “white pollution”

Plastic pellet making machines use waste resource recycling to greatly reduce the pollution of white garbage, specializing in the production of plastic pellet making machines, we are a popular reputation in the waste plastic granulation market, plastic granule making machine¬†work needs to meet your needs, for environmental protection and Energy saving provides a strong guarantee. … Read more