How does the waste plastic granulator work?

How does the plastic granulator work? After the plastic is added to the hopper of the plastic granulator, the hopper falls smoothly onto the screw and is bitten by the screw thread. As the screw rotates, the thread is forced to advance toward the head to form a mechanical conveying process. When the plastic is … Read more

Waste plastic recycling granulator

Waste plastic recycling granulator working principle: The screw extruder is one of the most important equipment for forming and processing. It performs solid transport, compaction, melting, shearing, and kneading extrusion of plastic by external power transmission and heat transfer from external heating elements. Waste plastic recycling granulator production Process: The material is forcibly and uniformly … Read more

Correct use of waste recycling granulator equipment

Correct use of plastic granulator equipment 1. When removing the residual material on the barrel, screw and mold, only the bamboo or copper knife can be used to scrape the shovel. It is not allowed to scrape the material with a steel knife, and it is not allowed to remove the residue on the screw … Read more

Operation of the control system of the plastic pellet machine production line

The plastic pellet machine control system includes a heating system, a transmission system, a cooling system, and a process parameter measurement system, mainly by electrical appliances, meters, and actuators (ie, control panels and workstations). The main function of the plastic pellet machine control system is: the main auxiliary drive motor for control and adjustment, the … Read more

High-efficiency waste plastic granulation machinery

The new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving recycled plastic granule unit, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving recycled plastic granule machine is a new plastic granulator that combines high-tech electromagnetic induction heating technology on the basis of professional double-stage plastic recycled granulating machine. In the field of granular equipment, the heating method often has an epoch-making special meaning in technology. … Read more

Waste HDPE plastic recycling machinery technology

PE is a versatile thermoplastic that is used in plastics and has the largest output. There are many types of PE plastics, and the common ones are LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE. Today, PP/PE/LDPE plastic recycling¬†production line manufacturers mainly introduce the technology of waste HDPE plastic recycling granulator. HDPE uses a wide range of packaging films … Read more

Do you know what use of waste plastics?

Plastic is a polymer synthesized by artificial polymers and is a relatively new industrial material. Together with steel, wood, and cement, plastics form the four basic materials of modern industry. It plays an important role in the national economy. Because of its light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, easy processing, beautiful appearance, bright color, and … Read more

How does waste plastics renew in the plastic pellet machine?

Plastic products provide a lot of convenience for our production and life. This is the good side. On the other hand, it causes one of the biggest pollution sources in our life. It will not be naturally degraded, and the plastic pellet machine is well solved. This pollution has realized the recycling of waste plastics. … Read more

Plastic granulator de-smoke equipment

The plastic granulator de-smoke equipment sucks the exhaust gas discharged from the vent hole of the granulator into the exhaust gas treatment system through a pipeline, and then undergoes processes such as filtration, atomization, condensation, water fusion, adsorption, decomposition, purification, etc., after being processed by the above process Effectively solves waste smoke, exhaust gas and … Read more