Bagging machine

Plastic pellet packing machine

Waste plastic needs to be packaged completely after being processed into plastic pellet by plastic pellet machine. And the plastic pellet packaging machine can pack the materials evenly in a good … Read more

Storage bucket

Plastic pellet stock bin

1. The plastic pellet stock bin and the wind-feeding material are combined into one, occupying less land and saving labor. 2. Can be docked with various … Read more

pellet cutting machine

Plastic pellet cutting machine

This pellet cutting machine has superior performance and reasonable structure, the plastic granulator blades used are made of high-quality steel. The sealing performance of the … Read more

cooling tank

Cooling tank

The plastic cooling machine is a very important part of the plastic pellets production line. The cooling temperature has a very large effect on the … Read more

Waste gas filter

Waste gas filter

Pure water-flue gas treatment is a modern standard environmental waste gas treatment equipment. It uses environmentally-friendly natural pure water for exhaust gas purification to achieve … Read more

forced feeder

Forced feeder

This forced feeder is designed to simulate manual feeding. It is very suitable for film type, The woven bag granulation process. this machine has the … Read more

stuff-fetching machine

Stuff-fetching machine

Stuff-fetching machine–To stuff-fetch and dehydrate the PET flakes from the washing tank The main function of the plastic stuff-fetching machine: 1. Recycling of waste and … Read more

belt climbing conveyor

Belt climbing conveyor

The belt climbing conveyor is an essential product in the waste plastic recycling production line. The feeding machine is used for the auxiliary machinery of … Read more

hot water washing tank

Hot water washing tank

Description of hot water washing tank: The hot water washing tank is an upper open structure with functions of automatic temperature control, heat preservation and … Read more