Cooling tank

The plastic cooling machine is a very important part of the plastic pellets production line. The cooling temperature has a very large effect on the quality of the plastic pellets. If you want to process the waste plastic into plastic pellets, our cooling tanks can help you make high quality plastic pellets. Cooling tank: cooling … Read more

Waste Plastic granulation extruder | plastic extruder machine

Use: Waste plastic granulation extruder (plastic extruder) is a device for extruding, cooling and dicing polyethylene (green film, lining bag, etc.) or polypropylene (old woven bag, packing bag, tying rope, etc.) to produce plastic granules. The granules produced are widely used and are ideal investment projects. This equipment is matched with the crushing and cleaning … Read more

Waste gas filter

Pure water-flue gas treatment is a modern standard environmental waste gas treatment equipment. It uses environmentally-friendly natural pure water for exhaust gas purification to achieve the purification of odorous gases such as exhaust gas and smoke. Achieve smokeless and tasteless, realizing the true meaning of environmental purification. Description: Waste gas filter, also known as an … Read more

Forced feeder

This forced feeder is designed to simulate manual feeding. It is very suitable for film type, The woven bag granulation process. this machine has the advantages of easy operation, self-forced pressing, safe production, and reduced labor intensity of workers. Compared with manual feeding, the capacity can be increased by 20-30% with this forced feeder. It … Read more

Stuff-fetching machine

Stuff-fetching machine–To stuff-fetch and dehydrate the PET flakes from the washing tank The main function of the plastic stuff-fetching machine: 1. Recycling of waste and scrap of different soft plastic films, bags, wires, sheets and tubes such as polypropylene, low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene; 2. Recycling and processing of degradable plastic film … Read more

Belt climbing conveyor

The belt climbing conveyor is an essential product in the waste plastic recycling production line. The feeding machine is used for the auxiliary machinery of the plastic granulation process. The operation process of the equipment is to transport the dried materials from the storage tank to the forced feeding machine on the granulator to save … Read more

Hot water washing tank

Description of hot water washing tank: The hot water washing tank is an upper open structure with functions of automatic temperature control, heat preservation and stirring. Which also has the advantages of fast heat transfer, large temperature difference and convenient cleaning. Widely used in waste plastics and other industries as heating, cleaning treatment. The hot … Read more

Plastic pellet dehydrator machine

Dehydrator machine –To remove water after washing Introduction: The plastic pellet dehydrator machine uses spiral, push-up, separation, and dehydration, and automatically feeds and discharges in one time. Suitable for polyester sheets, cable skins, wire tubes, etc. Working principleļ¼š The PP particles after blanching contain a certain amount of water and cannot be used directly. The … Read more

Washing tank

Washing tank is used for cleaning PP, PE and PET sheets, automatic separation of bottle caps and other floating debris, and effective separation of sand and paper debris in various sheet materials. The machine is one of the ideal equipment in plastic machinery. Suitable for further separation and rinsing of impurities after polyester cleaning to … Read more