vertical type dewatering machine

Main use: vertical type dewatering machine is mainly used for plastic film, waste woven bag material, flakes, tanning materials, and other pulverized materials. It is installed at the end of the water pool and has a function of drying. When the water is removed, a part of the impurities can be extracted, and the plastic … Read more

Frictional washing machine

Working process: As one kind of plastic cleaning equipment, high-speed friction machine has its own unique function and advantage in the use of cleaning equipment. The high-speed rotating screw allows the material to be fully rubbed with water, and the impurities (soil, sand, leaves, paper pulp) on the surface of the material are separated, and … Read more

Rinsing tank

Rinsing tank: The rinsing tank is used for rinsing the broken material to precipitate impurities. It is made of stainless steel or iron plate. Their many many toothed plates in the tank, it can force plastic chips to move forward. Shift the material in the pool from this end to the other end of the … Read more

Plastic Crushing and cleaning machine

This equipment is mainly suitable for crushing waste PP/PE plastic film, PP woven bags. It is characterized by water broken, water washing and high efficiency. Waste plastic crushing washing machine. The machine is a closed and sealed design for crushing and cleaning. After the raw materials are put into it, the crushing and cleaning are … Read more

PET bottles label removing machine

Instruction of PET bottles label removing machine: PET bottles label removing machine is professional in removing PET bottles label or water bottles label, it instead of people remove the label, to meet the big capacity requirements of the production line. Feature of PET bottles label removing machine: 1). saving labor with high efficiency, the working … Read more

PET plastic bottle crusher

Instruction of Waste plastic crusher machine: The PET plastic bottle crusher is used for crushing PET bottles, PVC, etc, The plastic crusher machine design is reasonable, it can crushing the raw material into small flakes to recycle the waste plastic. The machine is suitable for PET bottles recycling production line. The feature of Waste plastic … Read more

Belt conveying sorting table machine

Structure of Belt conveying sorting table machine: Belt conveying sorting table machine is made of belt conveyor steel frame structure, PVC belt with a scraper, bend pulley, a driving pulley, as well as adjustable speed motor, etc. Usage of Belt sorting table machine: It can be used in different fields and production line, here it … Read more