Plastic bottle crusher – with cleaning and feeding function

The Plastic bottle crusher is also called an automatic plastic crushing machine. It has many functions such as crushing, cleaning, feeding, etc. This machine is suitable for crushing plastic bottles, plastic films, plastic woven bags and plastic sheets of various materials, with a wide range of applications.

The composition of the plastic crushing machine

The machine is mainly composed of the feed port, combined cutter head, discharge port, screw feeding device, water outlet, and impurity removal window.

the composition of plastic shredder
the composition of plastic shredder

How does the crushing machine work?

1. Classify the materials to be broken

2. Put the classified materials into the machine hopper

3. The motor drives the cutter inside the machine to rotate at high speed, and the cutter group is divided into a fixed cutter group and a moving cutter group. The cutting trend is formed between the moving tool group and the fixed tool group.

4. The material is broken into small pieces under the cutting of the cutter head, enters the screw propulsion device, and discharges the impurities under the scouring of the water flow.

5. The screw device pushes the material into the cleaning tank for cleaning. (some materials do not need cleaning).

detail part of the plastic bottle crusher machine
detail part of the plastic bottle crusher machine

Characteristics of plastic crusher

  1. This plastic crushing machine is a multi-function machine, which integrates crushing, cleaning and feeding. It can save manpower and material resources, and carry out simple cleaning before plastic enters the next step.
  2. The machine adopts a fully enclosed design, which can keep the workshop clean and the health of the staff during the crushing process.
  3. All the machines are made of thickened steel plate to ensure the durability of the machine.
  4. The transmission part adopts fine process treatment to ensure that the material will not be stopped or jammed during the spiral conveying process.
  5. widely application. It can be used for crushing and reusing various materials.
  6. The machine is equipped with a strong pressure device to prevent hollow products and light products from jumping and not feeding, which may affect the output of the machine.
application market of plastic crush
application market of plastic crush

Technical Parameters

Parameters of rigid plastic crusher

Type 60070080010001200
Motor power (kW)18.522304555
Output (kg) 5001000150020003000

Soft plastic crusher parameters (plastic film, woven bag, etc.)

Type 60080010001200
Motor power (kW)30/1545/2255/3075/30
Output (kg) 500100015002000