Plastic granule making machine

Plastic granule making machine is composed of a plastic crusher, washing machine, dewatering machine, dryer, plastic extruder, plastic pelletizer, etc. The plastic extruder consists of an extrusion system, transmission system, and heating and cooling system. The emergence of plastic granule making machine has greatly improved the plastic pollution, vigorously developed renewable resources, and turned some waste plastic waste into wealth.

Plastic Product Making Machine

Machine function

1. Production range: In addition to thermosetting plastics, all dry and wetthermo plastics can be produced.

2. Degree of automation: The processes from raw material cleaning, crushing, feeding to pelletizing are automatic.

3. Service life: We have professional manufacturing technology, and all the machines are produced by quenching, forming, shaping, fine grinding, polishing, and other processes. The machine is equipped with high-quality steel that enables it to bear high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.

4. Heating system: Plastic pellet making machine does not need to burn coal, utilizing the principle of high-pressure friction and uninterrupted heating. Stainless steel temperature system can make sure that the heat preservation effect is good.

5. Power distribution system: It adopts split or connected automatic power distribution system to operate independently to ensure the normal operation of the machine and the personal safety of the operator.

6. Discharging system: It uses an automatic rotary discharging hole, and it’s easy to change the screen and directly open the door. There is no blockage, increasing the output.

7. Product quality: uniform thickness, good color, high quality, and easy to be tinted.

8. Production cost: low consumption, low cost, and high profit.

Plastic granule making machine is fully automated from cleaning to pelletizing, saving significant resources.

Working steps

1. The used plastic is first crushed by a plastic crusher machine.

2. Then the plastic cleaning machine cleans some debris on the raw material.

3. The cleaned material needs to be dried by a dehydrator or dryer machine.

4. Tried plastic can be conveyed into the plastic extruder through a forced conveying machine.

5. The plastic is processed into filament shape. After cooling, it can be placed in a plastic pelletizer to pelletize, and finally, cut into plastic granules.

6. The finished plastic granules can be placed in a cabinet for storage.

The advantage of plastic granule making machines

1. Excellent materials: Plastic granule making machines use excellent materials and good manufacturing processes to provide customers with quality products.

2. Stable performance: the machine is stable and the quality is guaranteed.

3. Simple operation: it is easy to operate and make granules, and does not need a large number of workers.

4. Efficiency: Machinedischarges qualified particles (production line including dust removal), and integrates crushing, impurity removal, transportation, feeding, drawing and pelletizing as a whole. You can gain high benefit by selling it.

The plastic granule making machine is a very popular recycling machine. It can process 3-7 tons of waste plastic per day. This machine has been used on a large scale in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. If you want to buy our machines, welcome to visit our factory at any time!