Project Introduction

The automatic plastic bottle recycling line designed and manufactured by Shuliy Machinery is a professional solution for recycling waste PET plastic bottles in bulk. The PET bottle recycling line features large output, high efficiency, and high purity of final PET flakes. Shuliy Machinery is an expert plastic bottle recycling line manufacturer and your plastic recycling plan consultant.

Raw Materials

Finished Product

Production Process

1. Picking and lifting: conveyor
2. Label removing: label removing machine
3. Crushing: plastic crusher
4. Conveying: Spiral conveyor
5. Washing and removing bottle caps: washing tank
6. Cleaning with hot water: hot water washing tank
7. Friction cleaning: friction cleaning machine
8. Washing and separating again: washing tank
9. Drying and dehydration (dehydrator machine) Final product: Clean PET flakes

Project Benifits

Customization services

The demand of each customer is taken seriously. Our plastic bottle recycling line is customizable to perfectly match different customer needs. Diverse supporting equipment can also be supplied.

High purity products

Crushed and deep cleaned plastic flakes by Shuliy PET bottle recycling line are pure and hygienic with attractive appearances.

Technician guidance

Our technicians offer professional and all-around guidance to global customers for machine installation, commissioning, and personnel training. Considerate and one-stop services are let you satisfied.

Great return

Shuliy plastic bottle recycling lines are highly cost-effective with reliable quality. The reasonable investment brings quick and great returns and values.

Factory Tour

Service Process

Contact Shuliy

WhatsApp / Wechat / Tel : +86 17398954138 Email or fill the contact form online

Cofirm requirements

The sales manager will chat with you online or by email to identify your requirements

Signing a contract

After confirming the demand and the willingness of both parties to cooperate, the two parties sign a machine purchase contract

Design production

After receiving the payment for the machine. Taizy will arrange the engineer to produce the designed machine according to the contract requirements

Transprtation and Service

The produced machines will be transported to the quickly. Taizy Machinery provides perfect after-sales service.


Whether before sale, during sale or after sale, we are ready to provide you with free solutions.


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You are welcome to contact us at any time, even during non-working hours, we will reply to you within 24 hours.
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