Our PET bottle washing plant is a suitable solution for anyone who wants to begin a plastic bottle recycling business. The PET recycling machines will process the baled plastic bottles into clean PET flakes with a high profit in the global market.

Our standard PET bottle washing recycling line is sufficient for most projects, customized solutions and recycling machines can be designed for your special requirements.

PET flakes
PET flakes

Working video of PET bottle washing plant

PET bottle washing plant features

  • Every machine is CE certificated,we provide online or on-site instruction and installation.
  • The PET bottle is highly automatic, we provide different auto conveys to transform the materials, saving labor costs for you.
  • Different capacity PET bottle washing plants can be customized for you.
  • The recycling machines in the PET flakes washing plant are flexible to choose from. You can decide machines according to your raw materials’ cleanness.
  • If your plastic bottles have much oil or glue outside or inside, we have a plastic bottle hot washing line for you. The hot washing plant can remove the oil with high temperature and alkaline cleaner.

1000kg/h PET bottle washing plant details

Climbing conveyor23kw
Plastic bottle shredder137+4+3kw
Label Removing Machine115kw+1.5kw
Picking Conveyor13kw
Screw Conveyor24 kw
Sink float separation washing tank23kw
Frictional washer17.5kw
Dewatering machine115kw

Main PET recycling machine of bottle washing plant

Bale opener:Suitable for packaged plastic bottles.

Plastic bottle label removal machine: Remove the PVC labels on the body of the bottle, the delabeling rate is over 98%. If your plastic bottles are flattened, the rate is 95%.

plastic bottle label remover

PET bottle shredder: It is used to crush PET bottles into small flakes with high efficiency.

rigid plastic shredder machine 1

Tumbler screen: Suitable for recycling plants of big capacity like 1000kg/h. It can separate stones, metal or other impurities from PET flakes.

recycling machine 1

Sink float separation tank: Saraperate PP bottle caps from PET materials, making sure the purity of end products. In this step, the PET bottle flakes are washed first.

PET bottle flakes frictional washing machine: It is used to wash plastic flakes thoroughly. We suggest you to slightly inclined when arranging it, about 30° because the angle can facilitate drainage and bring out the dirt.

Plastic centrifugal dewatering machine: The plastic dewatering machine is a horizontal type, and the humidity of plastic flakes is around 2%-3%. If your requirement is higher, we can provide you with a drying hose that can decrease the humidity from 3% to 0.5%.

Get a quick quotation for bottle washing plant

In the recent 10 years, PET flakes washing plants are popular worldwide. The recycled PET bottle flakes are also higher and higher. Many people are involving the recycling business. If you are interested in the recycling, welcome to contact us by using the popup form on the website, we will send you the latest quotation in 24 hours!