This trommel for PET bottle recycling is mainly used for separating the sand, stones and some unwanted materials inside the waste plastics, usually used in PET plastic bottle recycling line.

Trommel for PET bottle recycling
Trommel for PET bottle recycling

Working principle of Trommel for PET bottle recycling

The motor of the drum screen drives the drum device to rotate around its axis, when the material enters the drum device, the material will flip and roll, and the rotation will loosen the material, which is convenient for the garbage to be screened out.

Industrial trommel screen features

  • shuliy engineers can customize various specifications and models of trommel screens according to the actual output and demand of users, In addition, the machine color can also be customized.
  • The Trommel screen adopts an advanced design concept, and there will not be too much noise during the working process. And the screening efficiency of the machine is high, energy saving investment cost.
  • Adopting an advanced lubrication system, for the oil injection place is designed with rotating bearings, gears, movable bearings, etc., which can prolong the service life.
  • The installation of the tumbler screen will have a little tilt angle, which can avoid material blockage.

PET recycling line you may interested

For PET bottle recycling, we have complete recycling lines that can process your plastic waste. If interested, send us a message by the website form. Our project manager will send you PET recycling machine details within 24 hours.

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