Shuliy welcomes our customers to visit our company. Many of our customers take the initiative to come and see the site before they buy the machine. Our account manager will arrange hotel accommodation for our customers in advance according to their schedule and then lead them to visit our company.

Pleasure time with customers

All the visiting clients were warmly received, and our top leaders and most professional project managers came to talk to the clients and tried their best to meet all their needs. The pictures below show customers who have purchased Shuliy plastic recycling equipment and we are happy to help them start their own profitable recycling business.

How did we receive our customers?


After receiving the information about the visit from the customer, the project manager will reply to the customer by email or phone as soon as possible. We will express the welcome of the customer’s visit, then we will ask the number of visitors and whether they need to be picked up by car at the time of the visit, so as to facilitate all the arrangements for the visit.

After receiving the information from the customer, Shuliy Group will make all the arrangements as soon as possible, such as sending a car application, making a contact letter for the customer’s visit, preparing samples, product introduction brochures, etc. We will plan the manager or team leader who will accompany the reception, make the visit process, talk about the content, and hope to achieve the goal.

Reception process

We will receive our clients at the airport according to their arrival time in China. If the customer’s luggage is inconvenient to take, we will send the customer to the hotel to place the luggage first.

After arriving at the company, we will prepare the most comfortable environment for the customer to talk in advance, with fruit and coffee prepared beforehand.

During the conversation, the salesman will solve the customer’s questions about machine function, price, etc. in time. After that, we will give a tour of our factory and samples.

After visiting

At the end of the visit, Shuliy Group will thank our customers for their support of our company and products, and we will definitely keep strict quality control and provide quality service to our customers.

Arrange the customer’s return. If the customer goes to the airport directly, we will send the customer to the airport, if the customer has to go to another destination next, we will arrange a vehicle and provide the customer with an intimate route plan.