Shuliy plastic pelletizing line can process different kinds of waste plastics, such as PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EPS, EPE, etc.

Configuration of the waste plastic granulating line

How will we help customers start a pelletizing plant?

  • Customized consultation. After we received our customers’ inquiries, our project manager will contact customers as soon as possible. We will confirm customers’ raw materials and their expected output. According to those basic data. we will recommend plastic granulator machines for them.
  • Determine the plan. Our product manager will configure the plastic pelletizing plan reasonably according to your needs and budget. We design drawings for the special requirements of the machine and finally confirm the pelletizing plan with the customer.
  • Delivery and transportation. Once the entire plastic pelletizing line is built, we will arrange for a special truck to deliver it to the customer’s country within the agreed time.
  • Installation and training. We will send our professional technical team to the site for plastic pelletizer installation and commission. The technical team will train how to use the plastic pelletizer properly until the whole plastic pelletizing plant is put into stable production.

Customized crushing & washing for pre granulating

The plastic crushing and washing machines are very flexible in the recycling process, Shuliy Group will recommend to each of our customers the most fittable machines after learning the demand and actual condition.

For example, the right crushing & washing part is equipped with one plastic crusher, one plastic washing tank, one vertical dryer machine, and one horizontal dryer. The 3D drawing was designed by our project manager Sunny for our customer from Saudi Arabia. Their raw materials are waste hard PP drums and containers.

crushing and washing plant
PP PE washing line

This is a 3D drawing designed for our Nigeria customer, this recycling washing line is equipped with one more washing tank and one more vertical dehydrator.

Sunny designed two sets of cleaning equipment to wash waste PP films. Because the raw material is dirty and the production is large, an extra set of the washing machines can ensure the cleanliness of the raw material and the final granulation effect.

Unique features of Shuliy plastic pelletizing line

  • The long service life of the plastic pelletizing machine. Our machines for plastic pelletizing are rust-proof and durable. We can guarantee a long service life for plastic pelletizing.
  • The low failure rate in operation. Shuliy has a professional machine design team. The process of making the machines is precise and the failure rate is very low.
  • Leading sales and experience. Shuliy as one of the reliable plastic pelletizer manufacturers in China, we have a strong ability to export our machines to all over the world. So far, Shuliy has customers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Hungary, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Germany and other countries and has been widely recognized by our customers.
  • The plastic granulator machine is environmentally friendly. The wastewater, gas, and sludge of the plastic granulating recycling line are all safely discharged. For example, the fumes from the plastic granulating process are filtered through special dust removal equipment before being discharged.

Shipments of plastic granulating line

Except for the PP PE plastic pelletizing line, Shuliy also provides an EPS EPE plastic foam pelletizing line. If customers have plenty of plastic foams, we are able to provide customizing production for them. If you have any questions about our plastic granulator machine, leave your message at any time.