Waste gas filter

Pure water-flue gas treatment is a modern standard environmental waste gas treatment equipment. It uses environmentally-friendly natural pure water for exhaust gas purification to achieve the purification of odorous gases such as exhaust gas and smoke. Achieve smokeless and tasteless, realizing the true meaning of environmental purification.


Waste gas filter, also known as an air purifier, is special equipment for purifying soot and waste gas during produce plastic products.


Mainly used in air purification of plastic pellets, plastic products, and various plastic processing industries.


Made of full stainless steel, never rust , long service life.

It can be used directly without any external power during use. Save time and worry.

Treated soot rate is as high as over 95% and can pass environmental standards


Waste gas filter
Waste gas filter

A waste gas filter is an important machine in the Plastic pelletizing machine processing line. This machine can reduce the damage to the surrounding environment during plastic processing