The plastic pellet storage bin is an alternative machine during the plastic recycling line. This machine is can stock the plastic pellets in its bin, providing a convenient way for our customers.

Video of plastic granules silo

Why do you need a plastic pellet storage bin?

Stainless steel silos are used to store large quantities of plastic pellets for subsequent production and processing. You need a silo to store your plastic pellets for the following reasons:

Protecting the quality of pellets: Plastic pellets are susceptible to moisture and contamination if they are stored in the open air. Stainless steel silos effectively protect the pellets from external contamination and moisture, ensuring that the quality and performance of the pellets are not compromised.

Guaranteeing the hygiene of the pellets: In industries that require a high degree of hygiene, such as food and medical, stainless steel silos ensure the hygiene and purity of the recycled plastic pellets in order to meet the relevant regulations and standards.

Plastic pellet storage bin introduction

1. The plastic pellet stock bin and the wind-feeding material are combined into one, occupying less land and saving labor.

2. Can be docked with various granulators for easy movement.

3. The hopper can be opened and disassembled for easy cleaning.

4. The fan power is small, the feeding speed is fast, saves cost.

5. The storage bucket size is customized according to customer requirements, and the size is optional.

6. Made of stainless steel, it is beautiful and does not rust.

stock bins in plant
stock bins in plant

Plastic pellet storage bin parameter

The size and capacity of stainless steel silos can be customized according to your needs, adapting to the production needs of different sizes and capacities.

The following data is an example for your reference, contact us now and we will introduce more details to you.

1-2 tons2.2kw1500*1500*2600(mm)120kg