Shuliy designed the waste tire recycling and disposal system, including tire shredding, steel wire separation, iron removal, fiber separation and other disposal equipment, and can also add further processing equipment such as pelletizers, grinders, etc., and finally can obtain high-quality rubber granules or rubber powder.

Waste tire granulating line

Scrap tires are produced every moment around the world. They originate from household cars and various work vehicles. The composition of scrap tires includes rubber, steel, carbon black, and a variety of chemicals, therefore, the waste tires are also known as a “black gold mine”. And waste tire recycling is a mature and profitable business. The use of scrap tires to make tire-derived fuel (TDF), rubber crumb, rubber powder and cracked oil refining are a few representative recycling applications.

Shuliy Group has designed specialized scrap tire processing solutions to handle all types of scrap tires, including car tires, truck tires, bias tires, radial tires, pneumatic tires, solid tires, etc. The waste tire recycling machine shreds them, separates the steel wires, then removes the iron and separates the fibers. The waste tire recycling equipment can help users to obtain higher purity rubber powder, rubber granules, steel wire, etc., which is more profitable than selling scrap tires directly.

Products you can obtain from tire recycling line

waste tire recycling project
waste tire recycling project

Advantages of Shuliy waste tire recycling project

  • The tire recycling line adopts a high-quality machine, including waste tire shredder machine, vibrating screener, and bead wire separator with higher processing efficiency. Shuliy Group provides automatic-type and semi-automatic tire recycling plant for small-scale tyre recycling plant.
  • According to different discharge particle size requirements, the steel wire separator, rubber breaker, granulator, fiber separator, mill and other equipment can be combined, the production line configuration is flexible.
  • Automatic operation of the fully automatic rubber powder production line can save manpower and time and improve the working stability of the system.