The EPS foam granulating line could process waste foam into particles. And these plastic particles could apply to make packaging, insulation, and other materials. The EPE styrofoam pelletizing machine includes a foam granulator machine, cooling tank, pellet cutting machine, control panel, and others. For the pre-processed machine, there are EPS foam melting machines, and EPE foam compactor machines, which could save space for transporting waste foam.

What are EPS polystyrene foam and EPE styrofoam?

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a lightweight polymer. It uses polystyrene resin to add a foaming agent, and at the same time, it is heated to soften and generate gas, forming a rigid closed-cell structure foam.

This uniformly closed cavity structure makes the EPS have the characteristics of low water absorption, good heat preservation, lightweight, and high mechanical strength. EPS can be molded into shape, that is, it can be pre-expanded into particles, and then formed into various shapes in the mold. It has poor toughness, easy to break, and general cushioning performance.

(left)EPS foam and (right)EPE foam
(left)EPS foam and (right)EPE foam

EPE (Expandable Polyethylene) is commonly known as pearl cotton. The density is small, the flexibility is good, and the recovery rate is high. Excellent shockproof performance, independent bubble structure, low surface water absorption. Good impermeability. It is resistant to acid, alkali, salt, oil, and other organic solvents, and has excellent aging resistance. It does not flow at high temperatures and does not crack at low temperatures.

EPE can be extruded or foamed and can be made into plates, sheets, or pipes, and then punched and cut and bonded to form. It has good toughness, is not easy to break, and has good cushioning properties.

EPS Polystyrene Foam granulating line

EPS Foam Granulating Line
EPS Foam Granulating Line

The EPS polystyrene foam recycling line could process waste foam made of polystyrene into particles. The line includes a granulator machine, water tank, pellet cutting machine, and a control cabinet. The main machine is an EPS foam granulator, which includes two machines, combining the functions of crushing and melting.

EPS foam granulator machine

EPS foam granulator v
  • Model: 220+150
  • Power:15kw+5.5kw
  • Capacity:150-200kg/h
  • Double reducer
  • Electric mould as picture(change net without stopping machine)

This foam granulator machine includes a crusher, and a pellet making machine. This EPS foam granulation machine consists of an auxiliary machine, the main machine, a die head, a grinder. It has different types according to the output. Since EPS foam is prone to debris during processing, customers could cover the feed inlet with the cloth.

Water Tank

water tank

This cooling machine is used to cool the plastic pellet and send the pellet to the next step-plastic cutting machine. Customers could also customize the tank according to their demands, but the most common length is 3 meters.

Pellet cutting machine

pellet cutting machine

This machine is used to cut the plastic strip into small pieces and the size of the pellet can be adjusted as your requirements.

EPE Styrofoam pelletizing machine

EPS EPE plastic foam recycling machine display
EPS EPE plastic foam recycling machine display

These EPE styrofoam recycling machines includes a draught fan, an EPE foam pelleting making machine, a water tank, a pellet cutting machine, a control panel. And the foam granulator machine could crush and heat plastic foam.

Draught Fan

Blow up the foam so that the foam enters the inlet.

EPE foam pellet making machine

The raw material is heated and melted in this machine, and the melted foam is drawn through the die in the machine. This EPE foam pellet making machine is composed of a distribution cabinet, an inlet, guard, vent, die head. The foam pellet machine adopts a conical screw barrel with fast feeding speed and high output.

EPE foam pellet making machine
  • Model SL-160
  • Machine size:3400*2100*1600mm
  • Inlet size:780*780mm
  • Power:30kw
  • Capacity:150-200kg/hour
  • Heating method: heating ring

EPS foam melting machine

This styrofoam melting machine can melt waste foam into lumps, reduce the volume, and facilitate transportation. It has a large output, high efficiency, low dust, and noise, consumes less energy, easy to operate. The full temperature control of this melting machine can avoid the phenomenon of foam burning or not melting.

Size: 1500*800*1450mm
Feeding port size: 450*600mm
Motor: 15kw
Heating power: 3kw
Output: 100-150kgh

EPS foam compactor machine

The EPS foam compactor can crush the foam first and then extrudes it according to the spiral rotation. It can effectively double the volume of the foam and increase the density. It is convenient for the transportation and recycling of waste foam. There are two types of compactors, Vertical EPS foam compactor, and Horizontal EPS foam compactor.

Product features of EPE foam densifier

  • Compression ratio of cold press: 40:1.
  • High density after compaction, easy to transport.
  • After compaction, it is easy to cut off, convenient for stacking and storing.
  • The machine is simple, practical and easy to operate.
  • Economical and environmentally friendly, cold-pressed treatment is smokeless and tasteless.
ModelDimensionsInlet sizepowerCapacity
Vertical foam compactor machine
ModelDimensionsInlet sizepowerCapacity
Horizontal foam densifier

Operation Video of EPS EPE foam granulating recycling machines

Spotlights of EPS foam granulating line

  • Long service time and Stable operation

The machine is equipped with double reducer machines, so the machine could work stably and has a long service life.

  • Multiple capacities for choice

Since the EPS foam granulator includes a crusher and an extruder, there is more output choice for customers.

machine details
machine details
  • Tailor-made service

We provide customized service according to customers’ requirements about raw materials and capacities.

  • Environment-friendly

The foam recycling line has low noise and pollution.

  • Easy Operation and High Capacity

Application of foam particles

Packaging, insulated wall, billboard.

finished products of EPE Styrofoam Pelletizing Machine
finished products of EPE Styrofoam Pelletizing Machine