Good news to Shuliy Group! We have shipped our EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier to Malaysia. We will introduce the details of this customer and machine for your reference. If you have the same need, feel free to consult us.

Cooperation with the Malaysia customer

The customer is an end-user who has his own local plastic recycling plant where the main raw material is EPS foam. Since the foam waste is small in density and large in volume, it takes up more space in the factory, so he wants to purchase a EPS foam compactor to compress the foam, which will not only reduce the volume but also facilitate transportation.

Tina, our account manager, followed up the customer throughout the whole process.She answered patiently and promptly the customer’s questions about the EPS compactor machine. Tina sent the customer many pictures and videos of the machine. The customer found our machine is the same as he needs, the customer trusts our company’s strength, originally he only wanted to buy one unit to try, but then he directly bought two units.

chat records1
chat record with our Malaysia customer

Feedback video of EPS foam cold pressing machine sent to Malaysia

Information of EPS foam cold pressing styrofoam densifier sent to Malaysia

Model SL-400
Machine size3200*1600*1600mm
Input size870*860mm
Production capacity300kg/h
Discharge size40*40cm
Voltage 415v 50hz 3p

Shipment of EPS foam compactor

The EPS foam compactors have been already sent to Malaysia. The customer texted the machines and proved their great capacity. He was very satisfied with the two compactor and hoped another cooperation with Shuliy Group again.