A horizontal foam crusher is mainly used to crush waste foam products such as foam snack boxes, foam boxes, thermal insulation materials and foam materials into small pieces, and then blow the foam blocks into the foam granulator for recycling and granulation while crushing. It greatly saves manpower and is an ideal crushing machine in the foam particle machine production line.

The raw materials of the horizontal foam crusher

A horizontal foam crusher is suitable for crushing all foam plastic products before granulating. Including disposable foam lunch boxes, foam insulation walls, foam packaging boxes, and fruit fresh-keeping nets. It is suitable for use in recycling plants of all sizes, greatly saving time and labor costs.

Fruit protection net set
fruit protection net set

Features of the horizontal foam crusher

  1. This horizontal foam crusher has the characteristics of large output, high efficiency, low dust, low noise, low energy consumption, convenient operation, low maintenance cost, etc., which can help users use the smallest production cost and create the largest profit.
  2. The feed inlet is flush with the ground,so operators can push the material directly in when feeding, saving labor costs.
  3. The shafts of the shredder are all solid shafts, which are more durable.
  4. The pulverizer adopts a double dust removal system to make the crushed material cleaner.
  5. The blades of the horizontal foam crusher all use CNC cutting machines, and the weight of each knife is the same, which has more advantages in power balance and greatly improves work efficiency.

Parameters of the plastic shredder

TypeOverall size (mm)Size of the feed port (mm)Power (KW)Capacity (KG/H)

Horizontal foam crusher video