PET plastic is a sustainable packaging option and the primary type of plastic, it is always used for beverage bottles for its excellent chemical resistance to organic materials and water and its high strength-to-weight ratio.

Moreover, PET is the preferred choice for plastic bottles because it is 100% recyclable and highly sustainable. Recycled PET flakes receive high popularity in the international market and have relatively high economic efficiency.

Therefore, PET is very worth recycling. After being recycled, the clean PET flakes can be made into new products, it will reduce environmental pollution and generate profits for plastics recyclers.

Shuliy PET bottle washing line

Shuliy Group is a famous PET bottle recycling machine manufacturer in China, we have produced PET bottle recycling solutions and plastic bottle crushing and washing machines of good quality. The following video is the 3D video of the PET washing and recycling plant.

Process of PET bottle washing line

Firstly, the labels on the waste PET plastic bottles should be separated, then the PET bottles are crushed into flakes, the PP caps are separated using the different densities of pp material and PET in water. Then the PET is further washed with plastic washing tanks and hot washing tanks. Finally, use a plastic dewatering machine to dry bottle flakes.

Final product of the plastic bottle recycling machines

The recycled PET bottle flakes processed from the PET bottle recycling line are mainly classified into three quality grades humidity, PVC content, and characteristic viscosity. Shuliy PET bottle recycling line processed bottle flakes can reach the corresponding grade standard, and such PET flakes can have a high profit.

Delivery of PET bottle washing plant