Shuliy plastic granulating machine, PET bottle recycling machine, and waste tire recycling machine have been exported and installed in more than 50 countries including:

Asia: Saudi Arabia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Malaysia,

Africa: Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Congo

Europe: Kosovo, United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Romania,

North America: America, Jamaica

Delivery site

Before the machine shipment, our engineers will carefully check the machines and the quantity of the accessories. We will send the machine shipment diagram and video to the customer in time, so that the customer can know the machine transportation situation at any time.

Customer’s on-site installation

Shuliy provides installation, commissioning training, and tracking services. The following picture was taken by our Saudi Arabia customers in their local plastic recycling factory. The customer purchased a complete plastic pelletizing line from Shuliy, in order to help him install the pelletizing line, Shuliy arrange for our engineering team to Saudi Arabia.

plastic pelletizing plant1

Feedback from our global customers

Feedback video from Kenya customer

Successful cooperation with customers in Mozambique and Malaysia