Plastic Recycling Machinery Manufacturer

Shuliy Machinery focuses on manufacturing and developing plastic recycling machines, including plastic washing pelletizing lines and plastic pelletizing machines. Our plastic recycling pelletizing machines for plastic film and rigids have won a high reputation from customers for their advanced technology, suitable price, great performance, and thoughtful after-sale services.

We do everything possible to provide value to customers, let our plastic recycling machines help global customers improve production efficiency, and create higher profits from plastic recycling.

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Plastic Recycling Line

Plastic Film Recycling Machine

Plastic pelletizing recycling machine | Plastic film granulating line


Machine brand: Shuliy

Applicable raw materials: waste plastic films, plastic bags, woven bags, etc.

Output: 500-2000kg/h

Support larger output requirement

Main equipment: plastic crusher, cleaning machine, plastic granulator,pellet cutter

Warranty: 12 months

Rigid plastic recycling lines for HDPE PP PS

Plastic pelletizing machine | Hard plastic granulating line | Plastic pellet production line


Brand name: Shuliy

Applciable raw materials: hard PP PE bottles, drums, boxes, daily necessitiesy

Capacity: 100-500kg/h

Support larger output requirements

Service: design, installation, training and tracking service

Waranty: 12 months

PET Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine

PET recycling machines | Plastic bottle washing and crushing plant


Machine brand: Shuliy

Raw materials: PET baverage bottles, water bottles

Output: 500~6000kg/h

Final product: clean PET flakes

Warranty: 12 months

Service: determine the plan, delivery, installation, training and tracking

EPE EPS Foam Granulating Line

EPE styrofoam pelletizing machine | Plastic foam pelletizing line


Raw materials: waste EPE foam, waste EPS foam

Output: 150-300kg/h

Main equipment: plastic foam crusher, foam granulator

Final products: recycled EPE, EPS pellets

Warranty 12 months

Machine brand: Shuliy

Hot-sale Recycling Machines

Our plastic recycling machines help you obtain superior plastic pellets for higher profits. The better plastic pellets will not only expand your profit margins, but also assist you in earning trust of your customers.

It is suitable for different types of plastic films, such as PE, PP, PVC, etc., with strong adaptability.

Provide drawing design for complete plastic pelletizing line

The final plastic granules can be directly used to produce plastic products

Suitable for both soft and rigid plastics

Capable of handling all types of plastic waste: plastic film, bottles, containers, pipes, etc.

Work parameters can be adjusted: e.g. blades spacing, shredding size, etc.

Shuliy recycle machines are all CE certificated

Various plastic recycling projects are abailable, big or small!

20 years manufacture experience + 200 customers

Cutting speed and tool spacing can be precisely adjusted to ensure consistent granule size.

Relatively simple operation, the operator can easily master the use of the granules cutter

Various available recycle materials: PP raffia, woven bags, PP PE bags/films, pipes, HDPE rigid plastics, etc

Provide online/on-site instructions for your recycling machines

All recycling machines are CE certificated

Various machine models: Meeting output of your plants

The internal material is made of corrosion-resistant material, which can operate stably in high temperature and humid environment.

High temperature cleaning can effectively remove residual substances and ensure product quality.

Speed can be adjusted to suit different sizes and types of PET bottles.

Can be combined with other recycling machines to form a complete plastic bottle recycling line

Equipped with advanced automatic control system, it can realize automatic feeding, de-labeling, discharging and other operations.

Nearly all kinds of plastic bottles can be crushed

The cutting angle of the crusher is precise, which improves the shredding efficiency and less powder

Plants Using Our Plastic Recycling Machines

We are proud of shipping and installation 80 plastic recycling machines worldwide. The recycling plants we cooperated mainly recycled PP PE plastic films, rigid plastics and PET bottles. Shuliy help them obtain recycled plastic pellets of high quality and pure PET flakes.

polypropylene bags

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Jun - 13 - 2024

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20+ years

Shuliy has been focusing on export for many years


50+ countries

Plastic recycling machinery is sold well worldwide


2000+ customers

Recycling machines and services are trusted by customers

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We warmly welcome you to visit our factory and learn more about our plastic recycling machinery and thoughtful services. If you have any questions or needs about our machine, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to serve you!


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