PET bottle label remover is indispensable for plastic bottle recycling and is professional in removing PET bottle labels or water bottle labels, a PET recycling machine can instead of people removing the label during the plastic bottle recycling, meeting the big capacity requirements of the production line. It can improve the efficiency of the PET bottle recycling line.

Main applications of PET bottle label removing machine

Instead of removing plastic bottle labels by labor, the PET bottle de-labeling machine can separate the PVC label and bottle body, greatly improving work efficiency and replacing manual production. It is the prelude to work before the crushing of PET bottle recycling production line. Then finally, the PET recycling machine can reduce the PVC content of PET net flakes for plastic recycling.

PET bottle recycling machine
PET bottle recycling plant machine

Working principle of the PET label removing machine

After the beverage bottle is put into the hopper, the alloy steel cutter in the de-labeling machine will cut a mouth on the trademark on the bottle. When the blade welded on the main shaft has a certain angle with the centerline of the main shaft and the spiral line rotates, the waste bottles will be conveyed to the discharge port, the toothed knife on the blade peels off the label, and then uses wind energy to separate it, which conforms to the modern environmental protection function. After the label paper is peeled off, the bottle body and the label can be automatically separated. Then the label-free plastic bottle will be sent into plastic crushers for further process.

Features of PET bottle label remover

  • The PET bottle label remover can save labor with high efficiency, the working rate is about 98%.
  • The machine has a large capacity.
  • This PET recycling machine has more than 300 pcs special design blades, the material of blades are alloy steel, it is durable.
  • By adjusting the blades, it can use for removing different size bottles in plastic bottle recycling.
bottle label removing machine in stock
PET bottle recycling machine
latest PET bottle label remover

How to operate PET bottle label remover?

  • Start the PET recycling machine first, open the fan motor, then the main machine motor, open the conveyor motor at last.
  • Please pay attention to ensure no iron or stone drops into the machine when it working, if it happens, please stop the machine at once.
  • When finishing working, please close the conveyor motor first, then the main machine motor, close the fan’s motor last.

Data of PET bottle recycling machine

Main power of machine11kw
Power of fans3kw
Rate of removing the label98%
data of PET bottle label remover

PET bottle label remover video

Plastic bottle label removal machine exported to Nigeria

This is one of our customers in Nigeria, he purchased our PET bottle label remover machine one year and found the machine can run very well.

Inquiry of PET bottle label remover

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