The plastic crushing and washing machine is mainly suitable for crushing and cleaning waste soft PP PE materials, including plastic films, woven bags, and hard PP PE materials, like bottles, basins, and buckets. The plastic crushing and cleaning machine is often used in the PP PE plastic recycling line, characterized by integrated functions of crushing and washing and high efficiency. The PP/PE crusher has a closed and sealed design for crushing and cleaning. After the raw materials are fed, the crushing and cleaning are carried out simultaneously, and the washing cylinder is used for secondary cleaning, which reaches the highest cleanliness of the plastic waste.

Plastic crushing and washing machine prospects

Nowadays, PP/PE plastic wastes such as plastic packaging, shopping bags, plastic pots, plastic bottles, plastic films, and other plastic containers are widely used. Recycling these materials for recycling cannot only reduces environmental pollution but also brings considerable economic benefits.

soft and hard pp pe materials
soft and hard pp pe materials

Structure of the plastic crushing and cleaning machine

The casing body of the PP/PE crusher is all welded by a thick steel plate; the transmission parts are finely processed; the blades used are made of high-quality 65Mn. After operating for 10 tons of plastic, the blades need to be sharpened. Therefore, high-quality mechanical quality makes it have high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, and long service life.

Soft and hard PP/PE crusher advantages

Our company has been committed to the R&D, production, and sales of environmental equipment for many years. We insist on honesty is the foundation, quality is the concept of life, and every product is carefully prepared. The newly developed plastic crushing and washing machine have absorbed many advantages of this series of products.

Plastic crushing and cleaning machine
Plastic crushing and cleaning machine

On this basis, the integrated plastic crushing and washing equipment has achieved high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and uniform discharge. When using this equipment, it has low noise and no pollution. The PP/PE crusher machine is simple to operate, and convenient to maintain. The plastic crushing and cleaning equipment is very suitable for small and medium business investments.

Plastic crushing and washing machine parameters

PP PE crusher machine
PP PE crusher machine
Balde width60cm+30cm80cm+40cm

The SL-600 and SL-800 are the two of the common models of waste PP PE crushing and washing machine. SL-600 model can process 500kg waste plastics in one hour, and the capacity of SL-800 is twice that of the former. The blade lengths vary with the different models. For special needs, customizable services are available.

Video of plastic crushing and washing line