A vertical type dewatering machine is used for lifting plastic film, waste woven bag material, and other kinds of materials from a washing tank. It is installed at the end of the plastic rinsing tank and it also has the function of drying. The vertical lifting dewatering machine is an indispensable machine in a plastic film recycling pelletizing plant.

Plastic drying systems

Vertical dewatering machine working process

After the plastic is crushed and washed by the plastic crusher, it will be cleaned in a washing tank. The lifting vertical type dewatering machine is installed at the end of the washing tank and it can remove water from plastic films. When the water is removed, a part of the impurities can be extracted.

In order to replace the manual feeding, and increase the level of cleaning and automatic high-speed dehydration function, to achieve the purpose of saving labor, improving cleaning quality, saving electricity consumption, and at the same time can be matched with the automatic conveying device to form a higher level of automated assembly line production.

vertical lifting dewatering machine

The applicable material for lifting dewatering machine

A vertical type dewatering machine is mainly used for removing water from plastic film, waste woven bag material, flakes, tanning materials, and other pulverized materials. The dried plastic fragments will be sent into an automatic feeding machine, then the plastic pellet making machine will start making plastic granules.

For soft plastic materials like agricultural films, plastic bags and woven bags, one or two vertical lifting dewatering machine is indispensable. The lifter device can send the plastic pieces out of the washing tank. The water content of the plastic films is suitable for pelletizing.

plastic film washing tank and lifting dewatering machine in plant
plastic film washing tank and lifting dewatering machine in the plant
Plastic lifting dewatering machine
vertical dewatering machine

Video of vertical dewatering machine

The structural principle of vertical dewatering machine

The lifting dewatering machine has strong swirling cleaning, automatic conveying, self-priming function, high-speed extraction centrifugal dehydration, and a flow guiding device. The machine has single-power, upright transport. The working speed of the equipment is 900-1500 r/min (an accelerator can be added).

dehydrator machine inside
dehydrator machine inside
plastic lifting dewatering mahcine

Vertical dehydrator parameters


Why choose Shuliy plastic film lifting dewatering machine?

  • High capacity: Our vertical plastic lifting dewatering machine has a high capacity, meaning it can handle large volumes of plastic materials at once. This helps to improve efficiency and productivity for our customers.
  • Efficient dewatering: Our vertical type dewatering machine is designed to efficiently remove water and moisture from plastic materials, which is important for ensuring the quality of the final product. The vertical lifting design allows for better drainage and more effective dewatering compared to other types of machines.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Vertical type dewatering machine is made with high-quality materials and components, which ensures durability and longevity. This reduces maintenance and replacement costs over time, making it a cost-effective investment for our customers.
  • Customizable options: We offer customizable options for vertical type dewatering machine, allowing customers to tailor the machine to their specific needs and requirements. This ensures that they get the most out of their investment and can optimize their production process.

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A plastic film rinsing tank is always equipped with a vertical lifting dewatering machine. The tank’s width is designed by the lifter’s bottom length. Shuliy Group would like to recommend our customers to choose them together for a better recycling effect.