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rinsing tank

The rinsing tank is used for rinsing the broken material to precipitate impurities in the plastic recycling line. It is made of stainless steel or an iron plate. There are many toothed plates in the tank, it can force plastic chips to move forward, shift the material in the pool from this end to the other end of the pool.

Applications of the rinsing tank

After crushing the waste plastic productions by the plastic crushing and washing machine, the plastic waste is still dirty, so it is very necessary to send them into a plastic cleaning tank. The toothed plates will force the plastic material again and again when they arrive at the other side of the tank. This plastic washing equipment will clean the plastic entirely.

Structures of the pastic washing machine

This equipment is made from stainless steel or steel, customers can choose different materials according to their orders.

The stirring wheels in the tank are very important, they will send the plastic pieces from one side to the other side, at the same time, the dirty plastics will become clean.

Self-built washing tank

The washing tank is usually very large, so it is different to transport by ship. Therefore, we suggest our customers make water tanks by themselves, the length is about 15-20 meters, the distance of each two stirring wheels is 1.5-2 meters. You can consult our operators if you have any questions during building the washing tank.

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