This automatic feeding machine is designed to simulate manual feeding. Because soft materials like plastic films are very light, it is not convenient to send them into a plastic pellet making machine, it is very suitable for film type and woven bag granulation process.

Advantadges of automatic feeding machine

This machine has the advantages of easy operation, self-forced pressing, safe production, and reduced labor intensity of workers. Compared with manual feeding, the capacity can be increased by 20-30% with this forced feeder. It can be matched with various types of plastic granulators, which are easy to install and disassemble.

The necessity of using forced feeder

It is very necessary for manufacturers to prepare an automatic feeder. On the one hand, as we all know, artificial feeding is not able to make it even and safe. On the other hand, now workers are not easy to find, and the salary is high, etc. If we have the forced feeder, we can solve this problem. It is the first choice for granulation plants.

Parameters of automatic feeding machine