The electrostatic spray machine is industrial equipment for decorating machines. Through static control, spray gun, powder supply device, etc., various colors of plastic powder are sprayed on the surface of the equipment. The plastic spraying machine sprays powder coatings containing plastics on the objects, and the sprayed equipment enters the drying oven to solidify, resulting in a complete coating, which plays a role in decoration and anti-corrosion.

Electrostatic spray machine configuration

  • One host of manual electrostatic spraying system
  • A high-voltage manual powder coating gun and a powder bucket
  • One powder pump and a water separator
  • A set of power cords and wires
  • One liquefaction regulator

Features of the manual powder coating machine

  • The powder coating gun is fully enclosed, low voltage loss, good effect of spraying plastic powder and metal powder, and strong adsorption.
  • Electrostatic spraying is of high adsorption capacity, which is widely used by many factory.
  • The powder bucket is all stainless steel, which is easy to clean when changing powders of different colors.
  • There is also a digital high voltage indicator on the machine, which is convenient for the staff to adjust accurately.