The hot water washing tank is suitable for the PET bottle recycling line. It is used to wash the plastic fragment in the hot water with some detergent. The high-temperature cleaning machine is the third step in the PET bottle recycling line. It will make the PET flakes much cleaner.

PET bottle flakes hot washing machine
PET bottle flakes hot washing machine

Advantages of hot water washing tank

The high-temperature cleaning machine is an upper open structure with functions of automatic temperature control, heat preservation, and stirring. The advantages of the PET bottle hot washing tank include fast heat transfer, large temperature difference, and convenient cleaning. Moreover, The PET bottle hot water washing tank can wash flakes thoroughly, saving time, developing the washing efficiency.

Application of PET bottle flakes hot washing machine

Widely used in waste plastics and other industries as heating, and cleaning treatment. The hot water washing tank is especially suitable for small, medium, and large cleaning chemical fiber factories. And can adopt a completely closed structure according to technological demand.

Features of hot water washing tank

The hot water washing tank is necessary equipment for PET bottle cleaning line. Through the heating of water and the use of chemical additives, the material is cleaned more thoroughly. The tank can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

External structure of PET bottle hot water washing tank:

  • Tank body: mirror finish on the internal surface
  • Upper cover: two open movable covers, easy to clean, with mirror finish treatment on internal and external surfaces (roughness Ra ≤ 0.4pt).
  • Inner tank bottom structure: it is processed into R Angle by spinning, and there is no dead Angle after welding and polishing with the inner tank body, and the cleaned material is free from retention.
  • The surface treatment method of outer shell: Mirror – polished matte finish.
  • Stirring device: the top center is stirred. The output shaft of the reducer and the paddle shaft are connected with a movable sleeve for convenient disassembly and cleaning.
  • Stirring speed: 15 ~ 120r/min(constant speed); Paddle forms: frame type, anchor type, blade type, turbine type, etc. (according to process requirements).
  • Supporting form: tubular type.
  • The opening hole of each inlet and outlet pipe and welding place of internal tank body adopt flanging process arc transition, which is smooth and easy to clean without dead Angle, and beautiful in appearance.

Parameters of the PET bottle hot washing tank

Outer thickness4mm
Bottom thickness8mm
MaterialCarton steel
Heating methodElectric and steam
  • Volume: 5L, 10L.
  • Heating method: use coal or natural gas for heating. Water is the heating medium, producing heat energy to heat the material in the tank.
  • Material heating temperature: 90 ℃ or less
  • Temperature control: the temperature is measured and controlled by connecting the thermocouple with the temperature controller, and the temperature of the material can be adjusted.

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PET bottle hot washing line
PET bottle hot washing line
PET bottle hot washing line
PET bottle washing line