The plastic crusher machine sold by Shuliy Machinery has wide applications and can be used to crush and recycle plastic materials with different shapes. The processing technology is mature, and important parts such as the box body and the blade holder are processed with high precision.

The design and structure of the plastic crusher are reasonable, easy to operate, energy-saving, durable, efficient, and economical. Safety devices are set to ensure safe operation and the double-layer soundproof design of the feeding hopper reduces noise. The plastic crusher machine has a stable operation, low noise, no dust pollution, uniform granulation, and a good crushing effect.

It is a multi-purpose plastic crusher, adopting a sealed bearing so that the bearing rotation can run smoothly for a long time. The design of the blade is reasonable, which enables the granule is uniform.

Plastic crusher features

1. The base of the plastic crusher is welded by steel, which is sturdy and durable.

2. The spindle has high precision.

3. High-quality chrome steel double-edged tool has a sharp edge and can be changed easily. The processing technology is mature, and the important parts such as the box and the tool holder are highly matched.

4. The tool holder is novel in design, and the claw type holder is spirally distributed, which can disperse the scrap material and reduce the impact force when the scrap material is broken. Such a design can ensure that the crushing force of each knife is more uniform.

5. The design is very reasonable, easy to repair and clean, and it has a two-layer structure. Soundproof materials can reduce noise.

6. Customers can choose accessories according to their needs.

7. The blade is fit for crushing hard raw materials such as PP, PE, PET, PVC sheet, plastic water bottle, film, braid bag, leather, sole, etc.

8. Claw knife type is suitable for crushing polyethylene, horn, wood, ceramic, nylon, PC, PA, ABS, PET, and other materials.
Other applications: plastics factory, electronics factory, plastic container factory, lighting factory, shoe factory, electrical appliance factory, auto parts factory, luggage factory, pumping factory, waste recycling factory, plastic toy factory, plastic kitchen factory, etc.

The details of plastic crusher

  • Control panel: The button is used to control the switch, which is easy to operate and intuitive.
  • Inlet: The feeding port is thickened to increase the working speed, and is also durable. Double-layer steel plates can reduce noise.
  • Knife claw: 14mm thickened- steel plate can effectively reduce the noise generated by vibration, and is durable. The cutter shaft is equipped with high efficiency and high power.
  • Motor: The motor has low-temperature rise, stable performance, low failure rate, high efficiency, and long service life.
  • Hopper: it is made of stainless steel with corrosion resistance, no water leakage, no oil leakage, and long service life. In addition, there is a direction wheel that is light in weight, reducing the labor of the user.

The correct use of plastic crusher

1. The plastic crusher and power unit should be installed firmly. It needs to be fixed on a solid floor if working for a long time. Conversely, it should be installed on a base made of angle iron if you want to move it frequently.

2. After the crusher is installed, you need to check the fastening condition of each fastener. If it is loose, it needs to be tightened in time. Also, check whether the belt tightness is appropriate.

3. It is necessary to idle the machine for 2~3min before working, and the machine can be operated if there is no abnormal phenomenon.

4. Raw material should be placed evenly to prevent blockage, and it can not overload work for a long time. If there is vibration, noise, high temperature of the bearing, and external spraying, you shall stop the machine immediately, and continue working after troubleshooting.

Parameter of plastic crusher

Model SL400 SL500 SL600 SL800
Power(kw) 7.5 11 15 22
Grinding room(mm) Φ246×400 Φ265×500 Φ280×600 Φ410×800
Rotating blade quality 12 15 18 24
Fixed blade quality 2 4 4 8
Grinding capacity 400–600 460–650 600–800 800–1000
Aperture of screen(mm) Φ10 Φ10 Φ10 Φ12
Apperance(mm) 130×90×170 140×100×165 145×125×172 150×140×180
Weight(kg) 660 870 1010 1250

Plastics processed by plastic crusher machines can be reprocessed into plastic pellets that can be used in many fields.