Frictional washing machine

Working process:

As one kind of plastic cleaning equipment, high-speed friction machine has its own unique function and advantage in the use of cleaning equipment.
The high-speed rotating screw allows the material to be fully rubbed with water, and the impurities (soil, sand, leaves, paper pulp) on the surface of the material are separated, and the dirty goods are washed with clean water. Unique water spraying design and high speed running screw ensure excellent cleaning effect.

The function of the frictional washing machine:

1. Use mechanical friction to remove the oil, glue, paper pulp and other impurities on the bottle flakes.
2. Moving water flushing, can discharge the sediment and pulp through the filter screen, achieve a very ideal cleaning effect.
3. Control the cleaning time of material according to the degree of contamination.


The frictional washing machine body is composed of the main engine, motor, foot frame, water inlet, feeding inlet, discharge hole and so on. The bottom of the body is a fine mesh filter, there is an external water inlet on the top, and materials are entered from the feeding inlet, the high-speed rotating screw allows the material to be fully rubbed with the running water, then achieve to clean the material completely.


The frictional washing machine is applied to the cleaning of waste plastics. It has the advantages of small occupation, simple operation, and high yield. It can be used as the supporting equipment of plastic cleaning line.


Item namePlastic frictional washing machine
Washing tube diameter0.4m
Feeding inlet40*40cm
Machine size4.1*0.6*1.4m
Machine weight560kg
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