Our plastic sink float separation washing tank uses water to separate PP PE from PET flakes. At the same time, the floating separation tank can also do a great job on cleaning and washing plastic materials for further processing.

The plastic floating separation tank is one of the ideal pieces of equipment in plastic machinery. Suitable for further separation and rinsing impurities after polyester cleaning to make bottle flakes cleaner and whiter. Simple operation and clear cleaning effect are the advantages of the washing tank. It is safe reliable and has a long service life.

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The usage of plastic sink float separation washing tank

This sink float separation tank is mainly used to wash dirty raw materials after being crushed, the sink float separation tank can also pick the plastic bottle cap from the PET flakes. Because the plastic bottle cap is made from PP or PE, which will make PET flakes impure. So it is a very important step during the PET bottle recycling line.

washing tank details
washing tank details

Plastic washing tank features

  • High-efficiency separation: The floating separation tank makes PET bottle flakes float in the tank by controlling the water flow rate and pressure, while other heavier impurities and PP PE plastic fragments settle to the bottom of the tank, so as to realize a high-efficiency separation effect.
  • Adjustability: The buoyancy of the plastic floating separation tank can be controlled by adjusting the water flow rate and water level, in order to adapt to different types and sizes of PET bottle flakes and improve the separation efficiency.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving: The floating separation tank does not need to add chemicals, which is environmentally friendly separation equipment. At the same time, the floating separation process has low energy consumption, which is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction.
  • Adapt to a variety of applications: the plastic sink float separation washing tank is not only suitable for PET bottle flakes recycling but also can be used for the separation of other plastic materials and wastes, with strong versatility.
washing tank in stock
washing tank in stock

Parameters of plastic floating separation tank

Itemplastic separation washing tankSuitable materialPET PP PE plastic
ModelSL-500Motor power3kw
Sizecan be customizedCustomizedyes
Scope of applicationfor washing PP, PE, PETUsagesused for further cleaning and rinsing of waste plastics after crushing