With the country’s emphasis on environmental protection, plastic recycling has become a popular industry, including plastic pelletizing, PET bottle crushing and cleaning and other projects. More and more people are investing in plastic recycling equipment, such as plastic bottle recycling machines and plants.

For recyclers, how to get better PET bottle flakes recycling value has become a common goal. Here are a few practical strategies to help increase PET bottle flake recycling value.

PET bottle flakes
PET flakes with a high profit

Sorting and Segregation

Sorting raw materials is the foundation of improving recycling value.

Effective sorting and segregation of PET bottles are key to maximizing the value of recycling. Separating PET bottles from other recyclables such as paper and metal ensures high-purity PET materials, enhancing the quality of recycled PET and increasing its market value.

Emphasize Quality Matters

Clean and uncontaminated PET bottles are crucial factors affecting the value of PET bottle recycling. Recyclers prefer PET bottles with no residual liquids or debris and without labels, caps, or other non-PET materials. Instead of removing labels manually, recycling plants are using automatic plastic bottle recycling machine. Moreover, intact PET bottles hold more value as they are easier to process and reuse.

Consider PET Bottle Color and Transparency

The color of PET bottles also impacts their recycling value. Transparent or colorless PET bottles are preferred over colored ones, as they are easier to recycle and do not compromise the quality of recycled products. Color sorting and recycling processes are more complex and costlier, making transparent PET bottles a preferred choice among recyclers.

Adopt Advanced Recycling Technologies

Investing in modern recycling technologies and plastic bottle recycling machine can significantly boost the value of PET bottle recycling. Advanced recycling machines such as high-performance plastic pelletizing machines and state-of-the-art washing production lines ensure more efficient and precise processing, resulting in high-quality recycled PET materials.

Plastic bottle recycling machine for sale

PET bottle cold washing line is an equipment system for recycling and washing waste PET bottles. Its main function is to put the recycled waste PET bottles through cold washing treatment to remove dirt, foreign materials and residues, so that they can meet the standard of reprocessing and recycling.

The line includes a series of efficient equipment such as a PET bottle crusher, cold washing tank, washing machine, friction washer and dewatering machine. The final PET flakes are clean, free of debris and can meet market standards.

Plastic bottle recycling machine
PET bottle cold washing line

PET bottle hot washing lines hot wash recycled waste PET bottles through high-temperature water. The line usually includes a series of highly efficient PET recycling machines, such as bottle label removers, PET bottle crushers, hot washing tanks, and dewatering machines.

PET bottle hot washing line
PET bottle hot washing line

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