The Vertical foam cutting machine is dedicated to materials such as pearl cotton, EVA sheet, sponge, honeycomb cardboard, etc., and can quickly cut the sheet into strips or blocks.

Structure advantages of the vertical foam cutting machine

  • The machine is novel in design, beautiful in appearance, compact and reasonable in structure, simple and generous.
  • Main motor has stable performance and low working sound.
  • The knife belt adopts a fully enclosed guard for high safety and the machine has a automatic sharpening system, which makes the knife more durable. The universal knife sharpening device can rotate 360 ​​degrees to completely grind the knife belt into an isosceles triangle to enhance cutting accuracy.
  • The worktable is driven by rack and pinion, and the performance is stable.
  • The vertical foam cutting machine has a four-wheel ring belt structure, which makes the machine run more smoothly.
  • The moving baffle axis adopts a linear axis, which makes the cutting size adjustment convenient, easy to push, accurate size control, easy work and high efficiency.

Vertical cutting machine video

Paremeters of the vertical cutting machine

Monitor Rate
Total Power2KW
Workbench Size1200mm*2400mm
Knife Belt6520mm*25mm*0.56mm
Machine Size3300mm*3400mm*1930mm

After sale service of the vertical cutting machine

The equipment has a free warranty for one year, except for man-made or force majeure. Our company also provides free maintenance during the warranty period. If there is a failure after the warranty period, only the due labor, road and material costs will be charged.

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