The manual powder coating booth is a small powder spraying room, which is equipped with multiple filters, which can effectively adsorb and recycle the plastic powder, and the recovered powder can be reused. This is a very economical and environmentally friendly solution. The coating booth has a compact structure, convenient operation, and excellent performance.

Features of the manual powder coating booth

  • The machine is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Several fine powder filters are added to the end of the coating booth. They will collect excess plastic powder while minimizing secondary pollution to the environment.
  • The powder coating room has reasonable design, large space and beautiful appearance.
  • The manual powder coating room is necessary equipment for electrostatic spraying of workpieces. Therefore, the powder spraying room is required to prevent dust pollution, improve the environment, and recycle powder, so that users can obtain better economic and social benefits.
  • The dismountable structure is easy to transport and easy to assemble.
  • Install lamps and lanterns in the spray room to make the room have sufficient illumination and improve work efficiency.
  • The number of the plastic powder filter can be customized.
powder spraying booth
powder spraying booth

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