A plastic bag shredder is a kind of recycling machine specialized in processing plastic film material. It can quickly and effectively pulverize plastic film material like plastic bags and agricultural films into small particles for subsequent reprocessing and recycling.

What is the best way to shred plastic bags?

Shredding plastic bags by using a shredder machine is the most efficient. The plastic bag shredder is to physically break the plastic film material into smaller particles through the rotation and impact of the knives.

Generally, the plastic bag shredder is mainly composed of electric motor, knife system and screen system. When the plastic film material is fed into the machine, the electric motor drives the knives to rotate, while the sharp edges of the knives will cut and tear the plastic film material.

After many cuts and impacts, the plastic film material gradually becomes smaller and forms smaller particles. These particles are separated by a screen, so that the larger particles continue to return to the knife for further crushing, while the particles that have reached the required size are discharged from the screen and become the final crushed product.

Typically, the diameter of the screen is 40-50 millimeters.

Plastic Bag Shredding Machine
Plastic Bag Shredder

Raw materials of plastic film shredder

Our plastic film shredder is an ideal solution for plastic plants to recycle following materials:

  • LDPE plastic films
  • Stretch films
  • PP/PVC plastic films
  • PP non-woven bags

Features of plastic bag shredder

  • The plastic bag shredder can be equipped with a motor or diesel engine.
  • We provide u-conveyors for the pulverizer, this conveyor will not jam the material.
  • We have a special blower for the shredder to prevent light plastic film from jamming.

Related recycling machines for plastic bag shredder machine

Plastic film washing machine: It is used to wash the plastic film and remove the surface dirt and impurities in order to improve the quality of the recycled plastic film.

Plastic film granulator: The cleaned plastic film is crushed, melted and granulated to be converted into regenerated plastic granules, which can be used to manufacture plastics again.

Plastic film recycling line: Integrating plastic film cleaning, crushing, granulating and other links to form a complete plastic film recycling granulating line.

plastic crusher and washing machine
plastic crusher and washing machine
plastic pelletizer machine
plastic granulating line


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