Waste plastic crusher | PP PE flakes shredding equipment

plastic crusher

A waste plastic crusher is a piece of independent equipment in the recycling line. The belt conveyor will send the raw materials into the crusher, such as PP PE bottles or boxes. Then, the crusher will cut the flakes into pieces, which is an important step in the PP PE flake recycling line.

The features of waste plastic crusher

The waste plastic crusher is used for crushing the PP PE material to small chips, it has the characteristics of low speed, low noise, and no slag material. At the same time, wet pulverization not only enhance the water cleaning effect of plastic chips but also reduce the friction heat due to the cooling effect of water, prolong the service life of the blade, low maintenance cost, long service life, therefore, so this kind of machine has received unanimous praise from customers.

Scope of crusher application

The waste plastic crusher is used to crush various plastics. The equipment can crush a variety of soft and hard plastics and plastics, such as plastic tubes, plastic rods, plastic films, plastic toys, waste rubber products, and so on. Our plastic shredder uses alloy steel blades, which have high hardness and a long use time.

Parameters of waste plastic crusher

Blade width60cm+30cm80cm+40cm

A field trip for the plastic crusher

For manufacturers who want to invest in waste plastic crushers, we suggest coming to our company and plant. In order to learn about the pieces of equipment better, a field trip is important. Customers can see the equipment just beside it, touch the material of the machine, try to operate the plastic pellet-making machines in person. The plastic granulator produced by our company has been purchased by several foreign customers, we can arrange customers to visit our plant and know machines better.

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