A waste plastic crusher is a piece of independent equipment in the plastic recycling line. The belt conveyor will send the raw materials into the crusher, such as PP PE film, bags, barrels, etc. Then, the waste plastic crushing machine will cut the flakes into pieces, which is an important step in the PP PE flake recycling line.

Features of waste plastic crusher

The waste plastic crushing machine is used for crushing the PP PE material to small chips, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, and no slag material. At the same time, wet pulverization not only enhance the water-cleaning effect of plastic chips but also reduce the friction heat due to the cooling effect of water, prolonging the service life of the blade, low maintenance cost, long service life, therefore, so this kind of waste plastic crusher has received unanimous praise from customers.

crushed plastic film by waste plastic crusher
the crushed plastic film by waste plastic crusher

Plastic crusher machine application

The crusher for plastic waste is used to crush various plastics. The PP PE plastic shredding machine can crush a variety of soft and hard plastics, such as plastic tubes, plastic rods, plastic films, plastic toys, waste rubber products, and so on. Our plastic shredder uses alloy steel blades, which have high hardness and a long use time.

Working principle of waste plastic crusher

The waste plastic crusher drives the movable cutter head to rotate at high speed through the motor. In the process of high-speed rotation of the moving knife and the fixed knife, a relative movement trend is formed. The plastic crusher machine uses the gap formed between the movable knife and the fixed knife to create a cut for the plastic crushing and shearing, so as to smash the large pieces of scrap plastic. The crushed plastic is filtered and output by the screen to filter the plastic particle size. In addition, if your raw materials are soft plastics like plastic films and bags, it’s better to add a fan on the plastic crusher to avoid clogging.

Plastic crusher machine for PP films video

The video shows a complete PP PE plastic washing recycling plant, the crusher is the essential step of it.

Crusher working process for rigid plastics

Parameters of PP PE flakes shredding equipment

The following parameters are the basic data of the Shuliy plastic crusher machine, if interested, consult us or leave your requirement on our website, and we will explain them to you one by one.

Blade width60cm+30cm80cm+40cm

The waste plastic crusher model is different from the blade width. The machine power and capacity are also different. Apart from SL-60 and SL-80, we also offer many other models of machiness. For other needs, welcome to send us your requirements.

Precautions for the operation of crusher for plastic waste

1. The plastic crusher machine and power unit should be installed firmly.

2. After the waste plastic crusher is installed, check the fastening of each fastener.

3. Before starting the PP PE flakes shredding equipment, turn the rotor by hand to check whether the claws, hammers, and rotors are running normally and whether the power machine and the plastic crusher are well-lubricated. ​

4. After the plastic crushing machine is started, it should be kept idling for 2-3 minutes first, and make sure that there is no abnormal phenomenon before feeding work. ​​

5. Pay attention to the operation of the plastic crusher machine at any time during the work. First, the feeding should be uniform to prevent from being blocked; secondly, do not overload the work for a long time. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be stopped immediately for an inspection.

Global cases of waste plastic crusher

Shuliy PP PE flakes shredding equipment is installed and in operation in over 40 countries worldwide. Some foreign customers visit Shuliyd’s factory. Some customers communicate with our sales manager on Whatsapp or face to face video for detailed discussion. shuliy has some customers referred by regular customers because of the company’s reputation and the quality of the machines.

The following pictures shows the projects of our customers.

A field trip for plastic crusher machine

For manufacturers who want to invest in scrap plastic crushers, we suggest coming to our company and plant. In order to learn about the pieces of equipment better, a field trip is important.

Customers can see the equipment just beside it, touch the material of the machine, try to operate the plastic recycling machines in person. The plastic recycling machines produced by our company has been purchased by several foreign customers, we can arrange for customers to visit our plant and know the machines better.

Except plastic crusher machine for PP PE materials, we also provide PET crusher machines, which is a little different from the former. If interested, welcome to contact us by the website form.