Congratulations! Shuliy machinery has exported two plastic crushing machines to Ghana recently. The raw materials of Ghanaian customer includes soft plastic and hard PET bottles, so he chose two different crushers from our company.

Shuliy plastic crushing machine for sale

Shuliy machinery provides different crushing machines for customers depending on their raw materials. For plastic films like waste plastic packing bags, agriculture using films, woven bags, and so on, we recommend our customers to choose crushing and washing machines. This crushing will shred and wash the plastic at the same time with high efficiency, especially for soft plastic materials.

In addition, we have another crusher for PET materials like mineral bottles and beverage bottles.. The blades of those two above machines are different. Customers can choose them according to their own demands.

Why does the Ghanaian customer need plsatic crushers?

This Ghanaian client has its own company, established in 2003, providing general engineering services to the industry. Services range from fabrication, installation, sandblasting/spraying/coating, industrial insulation, cladding, etc.
Now he wants to get into the plastic recycling business and wants to buy a few machines to try out first. Sunny, the business manager, communicating with the customer about recycling soft and hard materials, and he wanted to buy the shredder first to understand the quality and performance of the machine. If everything goes well he will buy the pelletizing line later.

PET crusher video

The video shows the operation of beverage bottles’ crushing. The whole process is very easy, even for a worker who never operated a crusher before. Our sales manager will teach Ghanaian customers how to use it, we all believe that they will control the machine very soon.

Machine list of customers in Ghana

Plastic crusherModel: SL-600
Power: 22KW
Capacity: 600-800kg/h
Stationary blades: 4 pcs
Rotary blades: 6 pcs
Blade material: 60Si2Mn
Body material: 20mm A3 Carbon steel
Feeding size: 600*500mm
Shaft diameter: 110mm
Screen diameter: 24mm or customize
Weight: 1 ton
Sharpener machineModel: XHR-7001
Extra bladesTwo sets (one for soft plastic, one for hard plastic)2

The machines have sent to Ghana and the transportation will take about twenty days.

Display of plastic crushers

Plastic crushing machines

Accessory devices