Nowadays, many people use the Internet to learn about machines and commodities information to complete the staff selection process when they are selecting types of equipment. By scanning the website or consulting customer services maybe you can get a lot of real and comprehensive information about the commodities without leaving your house, but at the same time, more and more customers are starting to feel the plants atmosphere and watch the machines personally by a field trip, such as a plastic granulator. What is the meaning of a field trip? The results of the field investigation make equipment selection more real and direct.

A Field trip for plastic recycling machines

For manufacturers who want to invest in plastic pellet making machines, waste plastic crushers, we suggest coming to our company and plant. In order to learn about the pieces of equipment better, a field trip is important. Customers can see the equipment just beside it, touch the material of the machine, try to operate the plastic pellet-making machines in person. The plastic granulator produced by our company has been purchased by several foreign customers, we can arrange customers to visit our plant and know machines better.

It is also a very intuitive inspection for customers. As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Customers can think through the equipment after looking at the output of the equipment, then consider the size of equipment.

plastic pellet making machine
Our plastic pellet making machines in stock

Preliminary preparations part of the trip has been completed during the itinerary planning stage. When you have arrived in China and are ready to start your company visit, we need to make some more detailed and specific preparations. Our manager will arrange your accormodation and instruct you the route.

What is the meaning of a field trip to our plant?

Our company is sited in Zhengzhou city, Henan province. It is located in Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is a commercial and economic center, mainly engaging in the import and export of mechanical equipment. Near the company, there are many wonderful restaurants and hotels, therefore, customers can enjoy a nice journey on the field trip. More than that, the subway station and bus stations are near the company, it is very convenient to go anywhere.

our factory

Benefits of a field trip

What is the meaning of a field trip? There are too many benefits of going to the plants for field trips. You can make full use of the opportunity of visiting the plants to evaluate the ideal choices and gain an intuitive and in-depth understanding of the company. It is the most direct way that can be predicted for the cu8stomer’s experience. Do personnel participate in company activities on weekdays? Are there any professional sales managers and engineers in the factory? Maybe that is the meaning of a field trip.