Plastic pellet making machine for sale

Waster Plastic granulation extruder

The development of the plastic pellet making machine industry has great potential. It is used in large-scale, precision, special-purpose plastic pellet making machines, low-temperature, high-power single-screw granulators, and blown plastic granulation machines for related industrial products. A good development prospect.

Waste Plastic granulation extruders are popular for their versatility. And its price is moderate, and its performance is favored. This unit can use PP, LDPE, and other raw materials to produce packaging film and composite packaging materials with good sealing, transparency, cooking, preservation, printing, and other properties. It can replace most CPP and BOPP film materials. The products are widely used in food, Packaging of agricultural and sideline products, medicine, chemicals, daily necessities, and military supplies.

Plastic Pellet Making Machine
Plastic pellet making machine

Plastic pellet making machine for sale

The traditional polyethylene film blowing plastic granulating unit mainly produces agricultural products, such as agricultural mulch film, drip irrigation hose, and can also be used for packaging film of milk and the like. This unit is suitable for blending raw materials of LLDPE and HDPE and LDPE. The produced film has low cost, uniform thickness, high transparency, and excellent plasticization.

The automatic high-speed plastic forming machine is used to produce various color sheets and form various open thin-walled container products. PVC, PET, PP, PS, flocking sheet, light-falling plastic, etc. can be used as raw materials for high-speed continuous molding, and various program actions can be adjusted during non-stop work. The products can be widely used in food (as cake boxes, cake food lining, etc.), medicine, daily necessities, toys, electrical components, and another packaging.

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