After the recycling of waste plastics, many products can be prepared. Plastic pellet making machines such as garbage bags, plastic boxes, barrels, tubes, plastic stools, chairs, decorative panels, strips, etc., and some can also be modified to make plastic “alloys”. The performance of the product even exceeds some of the original physical properties of the resin. In fact, as long as plastic products that do not involve food hygiene and certain special indicators, recycled plastic particles can be inevitably used.

The important role of waste plastic pellet making machines

The recycling of plastics should be a subject worthy of consideration. The Plastic pellet making machine is very gratifying when it comes to reviewing the progress of polymer materials science and engineering. At present, the annual output of plastic products in the world has exceeded 100 million tons, and its output is higher than steel in terms of its volume. Faced with the accumulation of such large-scale production of polymer materials, it is worrying that the high output means that there will be a corresponding amount of waste of polymer materials because the polymer materials are collectively owed. It is resistant to aging and it is difficult to completely decompose itself.

China’s plastics market will have great development in the future, especially polyolefin plastics and related products with wide application and large dosage. The use of polyolefin resin in China has been increasing in recent years, which can be believed that the development of plastics industry With the development of the domestic plastics industry, the domestic demand for engineering plastics will increase year by year, especially the market demand for general engineering plastics will grow at an average annual rate of 15% or more. Therefore, the recycling of general engineering plastics has become a real problem that must be faced.

PP PE flake products recycling and pelletizing machine

Statistics show that after a certain period of use, the number of waste plastics produced accounts for about 70% of the output of the year’s products. This will increase the annual sum of money. If the recycling policy cannot be effectively adopted, the huge amount of polymer waste will one day. It will seriously deteriorate the natural environment, destroy plant growth and endanger the earth’s ecology.

The important role of waste plastic pellet making machines

“Polymer waste” is essentially a valuable resource for human beings. “Waste” is not a waste, only the wealth of misplaced places! In summary, the work of recycling and comprehensively developing waste polymer materials are urgently needed. Some industrialized countries attach great importance to this and regard it as the two major regulatory targets for preventing environmental pollution and developing renewable resources.

Undoubtedly, human beings have limited resources and unlimited creativity. It is a matter of course to become awakening philosophers! The determination of the irrigation time of the drip irrigation is generally based on the measured or calculated evaporation, soil characteristics, and crop characteristics. If the irrigation time is determined according to the water consumption rate of the crop, a small number of multiple irrigations should be adopted; if the water is to be poured when the soil moisture drops to a certain lower limit, it may take several days to fill the water. For crops with high moisture content such as vegetables, the former irrigation frequency is often used, and the latter method should be used for fruit trees and field crops.