Rigid plastic shredder machine is used to crush plastic into small pieces in a series of plastic recycling processes. Shuliy shredder machines have been shipped to Ethiopia, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, German, the UK, and so on, it is an indispensable recycle machine of a complete plastic pelletizing and recycling line.

Rigid plastic shredder machine introduction

A rigid plastic shredder machine is a highly efficient plastic recycling machine designed to process rigid plastics. It is widely used in the plastic recycling industry, aiming to quickly and efficiently shred hard plastic waste into small particles or fragments, such as PVC pipes, plastic barrels, HDPE containers, HDPE bottles, drums, etc.

This type of hard plastic shredder machine for recycling has strong cutting capabilities and a durable design, making it capable of handling different types and shapes of hard plastic materials, transforming them into easily manageable fragments. The hard plastic shredder machine effectively reduces the volume of plastic waste, facilitating subsequent processing and recycling, while also helping to minimize the environmental impact of waste and achieve sustainable plastic recycling and reuse.

Structure of hard plastic shredder

The main structure of a hard plastic shredder consists of feeding port, crushing chamber, blades, knife frame, screen, discharge port.

Feed inlet: The feed inlet of a plastic shredder is the part of the machine used to put the plastic raw material into the interior of the machine. The design and size of the feed opening can be adjusted according to different crusher models and processing capacity.

Crushing chamber: The crushing chamber is the space inside the rigid plastic shredder machine for crushing plastic raw materials. It usually consists of one or more pairs of blades, which cut, tear and crush the plastic materials under high-speed rotation.

Blade: The blade is one of the most important parts of the rigid plastic shredder machine, the blade is made of 60Si2Mn with high hardness and wear resistance.

rigid plastic shredder machine blades

The design of the knife frame should take into account the number of blades, arrangement and installation position to ensure that the blades can be evenly and efficiently for the crushing of plastic particles. Usually, shredders for hard materials have larger blade clearances. Compared to soft material pulverization.

The knife frame of the shredder machine for recycling is usually fixed with multiple pairs of blades, which may be rotating blades or fixed blades, for pulverizing the plastic raw materials.

The knife frame has good stability and balance to ensure that the operation of the crusher is stable and safe. At the same time, the knife frame is easy to install and remove, easy to replace and maintain the blade.

for PE rigid plastic
knife frame for PE rigid plastic

The screen of the plastic shredder machine is used to control the size of the plastic flakes being pulverized. It ensures that only compliant particles pass through, while larger particles are retained for further pulverization. For hard plastics, the screen diameter is typically 20mm to 26mm.

the screen of rigid plastic shredder machine

Hard plastic shredder machine parameter

Blade width600cm800cm1000cm
Blades qty10pcs10pcs10pcs
Blades material60Si2Mn60Si2Mn60Si2Mn

Video of rigid plastic shredder machine for recycling

Features of rigid plastic shredder machine

The shredder machine is high efficiency. hard material plastic crusher machine adopts powerful cutting force and high-speed rotating blade, which can quickly shred hard plastic materials into small particles or fragments, improving production efficiency. The rotor is specially customized with a large rotating diameter to maximize plastic crushing.

The plastic shredder is versatility: the plastic shredder machine for recycling is suitable for processing all kinds of hard plastic materials, such as PVC pipes, HDPE bottles, plastic drums, containers, etc., with strong adaptability.

The rigid plastic shredder is sturdy and durable. The blades of the hard material plastic shredder machine are made of 60 silicon diamanganese, and the body is made of high quality materials and exquisite manufacturing process, which has good durability and stability, and can run stably for a long time.

Low noise: the hard plastic shredder is optimized to reduce the noise level during operation, providing a better working environment.

Additional pictures of plastic shredder machine for recycling

rigid plastic shredder machine 1
plastic shredder machine
hard plastic shredder

Sharpener for plastic shredder blades

For pulverizers with output more than 500kg/h, the knives are usually touched once in 2-3 days in order to ensure the pulverizing efficiency. Knife sharpening machine is a special equipment for grinding and repairing the blades of pulverizer, which plays an important role in the process of plastic crushing and recycling.

The fully automatic knife sharpening machine we offer is an advanced knife sharpening equipment, usually equipped with advanced control system and sensors, which can realize precise blade sharpening and repairing to ensure the productivity of the pulverizer and the service life of the blades.

blades sharpenar

Applications for rigid plastics

Plastic washing and crushing plant

The plastic washing and crushing line includes one plastic shredder, one or more washing rinsing tanks for rigid plastic, plastic dewatering machines and conveyors.

If your have rich plastic waste, welcome to contact us, our project manager will customize a recycling solution and 3D painting for your reference. We will design the solution and machines according to your materials’ cleanliness and end products’ requirements.

PP PE washing line
PP PE washing line

Plastic pelletizing plant

The plastic pelletizing line consists of one plastic crusher, plastic washing tanks,one plastic granulators and a plastic pellet cutter.

The plastic pelletizing plant turns rigid plastics into recycled plastic pellets, which can be used to manufacture plastic products again.

The final plastic pellets can be sold at a good price and can get a high profit for recycling plants.

plastic pelletizing plant
plastic pelletizing plant

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