In talking to our customers, we realized that PP raffia bags are a very common recycled material. Today we would like to introduce this material and find out how to recycle it.

What are PP raffia materials?

The words “raffia” and “PP raffia” are only one word apart, but th

ey are two very different materials. raffia is a natural fiber derived from plants, while PP raffia is a synthetic fiber made from polypropylene (PP), a plastic material. It has excellent physical and chemical properties and is therefore used in the manufacture of a wide range of products, including fibers and textiles.

PP raffia recycling
raffia bag recycling

Application of PP raffia

The high strength and durability of PP raffia make it ideal for many applications.

  • Woven Bags and Packaging: PP raffia is widely used in the production of woven bags, such as shopping bags, rice bags, fertilizer bags, etc., especially in application scenarios where it is necessary to carry a certain amount of weight and protect the contents.
  • Ropes and rope products: Due to its toughness and abrasion resistance, PP raffia is used in the production of ropes, rope products and strapping materials. These products are commonly used in agriculture, construction and other areas.
  • Eco-friendly bags: In view of the growing concern for environmental protection, PP raffia is used in the manufacture of reusable eco-friendly bags as an alternative to disposable plastic bags.

How to conduct PP raffia recycling?

Polypropylene is a recyclable plastic, so PP raffia products can often be recycled as well.

Mechanical Recycling: Waste PP raffia products can be converted into recycled plastic pellets by crushing, washing and thermoforming the pellets using appropriate PP raffia recycling machine.

Recycled Products: Using recycled PP raffia pellets, recycled plastic products such as recycled packaging materials, woven bags, ropes, baskets, etc. can be produced.

plastic granulator machine
PP raffia recycling machine


PP raffia is a common material and through proper recycling and reuse, waste PP raffia not only helps in reducing the need for new raw material but also helps in reducing the burden on the environment and promoting sustainable development. If you are interested in the PP raffia recycling machine, feel free to contact us.