Overview of agricultural films

Agricultural film is a general term for plastic films used in agricultural production. With the progress of science and technology, the requirements for agricultural films are getting higher and higher, and various new types of films are emerging, such as insect-proof films and multifunctional films. Agricultural film has the functions of heat preservation, fertilizer preservation and frost protection, and the large area of agricultural film cover cultivation can improve crop yield and increase agricultural production and efficiency.

Therefore, the adoption of agricultural film technology has a significant and far-reaching impact on the reform of agricultural farming system, the adjustment of planting structure and the development of high-yield, high-efficiency and high-quality agriculture, and has made a significant contribution to increasing farmers’ income and getting rid of poverty, which is very popular among farmers.

Used agricultural film pollution

However, agricultural film is a non-degradable plastic. If the waste film is left in the soil, it will form permanent white waste, which is called agricultural film pollution, also known as agricultural white pollution.

  1. Used plastic film can damage soil structure and reduce crop yields.
  2. It affects the development of livestock industry. The residual film on the ground is collected together with pasture, and when cattle and sheep mistakenly eat the residual film, it blocks the esophagus and affects digestion, and even kills them.
  3. Impact on rural environmental landscape. The residual film is abandoned at the edge of the field, and when the wind blows, the film is blown to the field and treetops, affecting the rural environmental landscape.

How to sovle the waste plastic film pollution?

  1. Encourage the development of “green agricultural film”. Clean agricultural production requires the use of clean production technology to produce green agricultural products. Green agricultural products include green mulch, which is mainly a kind of degradable mulch that is gentle to the environment and does not cause pollution.
  2. Using waste agricultural film recycling equipment to achieve secondary use of plastic. Our company actively invests a lot of money in research and development of agricultural film recycling equipment, and now has a mature supporting waste agricultural film recycling production line. Including special crushing and washing machine for plastic film, washing pool for plastic films pieces, dewatering machine, plastic pellet machine, etc.