What is an automatic slag die head?

automatic slag filter

A die head is one of the very important parts of the plastic granulator. The automatic slag die head is a plastic screen changer that does not need to install a filter. The screen changer is called a screenless screen changer, a filterless screen, an automatic impurity removal die, an automatic slag filter, and a non-stop automatic impurity ejection die head.

Application of the automatic slag die head

It is suitable for extruding strand pelletizing of single machine and sub-machine machine. It adopts dual runners to work at the same time to achieve continuous work without stopping. The two splitter plates also use a hydraulic system for easy operation. The overall use of 45# steel, the splitter plate and the backplate are burned with cemented carbide, which eliminates material leakage and improves Product wear resistance, improves service life. The model of the screen changer can be customized. The screen changer is heated by an electric heating rod, which improves the uniformity of heating, speeds up the heating time, and improves safety.

Principal of the automatic slag die head

The non-wireless non-stop screen changer (wireless filter) adopts a wear-resistant alloy steel mesh plate filter. The anti-clogging unidirectional melt filtering micropores on the filter are made of high-precision laser processing equipment. It plays a role in allowing the molten plastic to pass through and blocking impurities.

In addition, the filter system is equipped with an operating impurity-removing rotor blade. During operation, the melted plastic passes through the pores, and impurities and dirt remain on the side of the filter plate; the impurity-removing rotor blade removes impurities at a speed of 3 revolutions per minute.

During this process, some impurities are pushed to the storage chamber, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous reciprocating filtration. After the impurities in the storage chamber accumulate to a certain amount, the operator will discharge them through the manual trash removal mechanism.

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