Vertical EPS foam compactor | styrofoam recycling densifier

EPS foam compactor

Vertical EPS foam compactor is one of the plastic foam recycling equipment. Because of the large volume of the plastic foam, the transportation is very different, the EPS foam cold compactor can compact the plastic foams easily. A foam compactor machine is a set of energy-saving equipment for waste foam recycling, which improves economic benefits for the related practitioners. Similar to the horizontal foam compactor, the vertical styrofoam recycling densifier has a high compression ratio, with no need to add chemical materials for cold pressing and no peculiar smell.

EPS foam compactor introduction

As the name implies, the foam cold press machine compresses the materials to reduce the volume of the waste foam and effectively solves the problems of the large volume of EPS, EPE foam, the difficulty of recycling, and the inconvenience of transportation. Different from foam melting machine, it does not produce heat during the time.

Styrofoam Recycling Densifier
Styrofoam Recycling Densifier

Advantages of styrofoam recycling densifier

  • The foam densifier can compress the foam by 40 times, which provides great convenience for transportation.
  • There is no need to add any other chemical materials during compression so that no peculiar smell can be produced.
  • Various outputs available. For example, SL-300, SL-400.
  • Easy to feed, use and maintain. It is easy for workers to operate.
Final Foam Compression Blocks
Final Foam Compression Blocks

Foam compactor machine working principle

EPS foam cold compactor is mechanical equipment that extrudes dense foam blocks according to the principle of pressure generated by spiral rotation. The foam densifier machine performs cold pressing and compression processing on the raw material. When in use, the operator only needs to put the foam into the hopper of the EPS foam compactor, and the foam will be crushed and compressed by the crushing mechanism of the polystyrene densifier. After being processed by the screw mechanism, a square foam plastic compression block is produced.

Video of EPS/EPE foam densifier

Parameters of the EPS foam compactor

TypeMachine size (mm)Inlet size (mm)Power (KW)Capacity (KG/H)

The above are the two models of our vertical foam cold compactors. We also offer other models for different demands. The machine size and outputs can be customized based on customers' needs.

Preparations before using the foam compactor machine

  1. Before starting the EPS foam compactor, check whether the mechanical and electrical parts of the equipment are normal.
  2. Operate the device according to the operation panel instructions
  3. Debug the equipment.
  4. Set the operating parameters of the equipment
  5. After the completion of various tasks, the equipment is running, and the foamed plastics are compressed into blocks through the crushing mechanism - compacting mechanism - forming mechanism.

Operation Precautions

  • The styrofoam recycling densifier needs to be filled with gear oil before starting to start normally.
  • After starting, the material can be directly fed, and the discharge port has a pressure plate that can be adjusted up and down.
  • When the material is discharged for the first time, the material that has just started to come out is scattered due to insufficient pressure. The pressure plate is lowered by about 5 cm, and the bulk material is returned to the EPS foam compactor to continue feeding and extrusion. During the period, the pressure plate can be adjusted upwards appropriately, and the material is formed at the same time. The platen is flat front and rear. 
  • In the production process, people should always pay attention to whether the discharge speed is uniform. If the feeding and discharging are slow all the time, the pressure plate needs to be adjusted upward by about 5MM.
  • Every 7 working days, it is necessary to check the oil level of the gear oil and whether the screws are loose, and perform daily maintenance.

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