Good news! We helped a PET bottle recycling factory in Nigeria with a new plastics recycling project. With our equipment, the Nigerian customer obtained clean, uniformly sized PET flakes that could fetch excellent prices on the market. This not only helps to reduce the plastic pollution problem but also creates economic value for the customer.

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Nigerian PET bottle recycling factory details

waste PET bottles2

Raw materials for recycling: a number of waste PET bottles

PET bottle recycling factory installation site

Once the PET bottle recycling machines arrived in Nigeria, our technical team arrived to assist the customer with the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

The plastic bottle recycling machines include PET bottle shredders, plastic washing machines, auto belt conveyors, screw conyors and a plastic dewatering machine.

This was a big project, but our team and the customer’s staff established a good working relationship and the installation is very successful.

The whole PET bottle recycling line is operational

After the whole PET bottle recycling line is finished, the factory started to test the machines. The dirty plastic bottle were processed carefully and they turned to small clean PET flakes as the end products. Our customers were super satisfied of them.

You can see the perfect plastic flakes in the following photos.

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successful installation celebrition2
celebration of the successful installation