Congratulations! The manufacturing of PET bottle recycling machines for our Nigerian customers is finished. Now we are shipping the machines to Nigeria. Before shipment, we took a video for our Nigerian customer in order to ensure the machines.

Why did customers choose Shuliy Group?

The PET bottle shredding washing line is one of Shuliy’s hot-sale production lines. Our client wanted the look of the machine to match their company’s image. They requested that the machine be painted green, consistent with their corporate colors. In order to meet this need, our factory provided our client with a professional customization service. Our team worked with the client to create a 3D rendering to ensure that the machine’s color and appearance would match the client’s expectations, including plastic bottle shredder, hot washing tank, and frictional washer. This highly personalized service is a hallmark of our factory.

In the plastics recycling industry, experience and expertise are vital. Our business team has many years of experience and is particularly adept at providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

In this case, the customer’s raw material was plastic bottles; they needed a recycling line to process them. Our business managers were very professional and customized the PET bottle recycling machines configuration of the recycling line according to the customer’s raw materials. This ensured that the line was efficient and produced excellent recycled chips.

PET bottle recycling machines photos