Plastic recycling machine prices in Southeast Asia

In recent years, social and economic development in Southeast Asia has been very rapid. However, with the development of the economy, major pollution has occurred, especially the storage of plastic waste is increasing, and plastic waste is an extremely difficult item to be decomposed. If it is not used, it is very easy to bring … Read more

New development direction of waste plastic pellet making machine

Plastic recycling machines are mainly divided into three categories, namely injection molding machines, plastic pellet making machine, and blow molding machines. Plastic pellet making machine is a kind of plastic machinery. The high speed and high yield of the pellet machine enables investors to obtain larger output and high return with lower investment. However, the … Read more

Plastic recycling machine has good development prospects

It is understood that developed countries use the amount of plastics for automobiles as an important indicator to measure the level of automobile design and manufacturing. The amount of plastic used in each vehicle has increased from 100-130kg in the 1990s to 152kg in 2004 and 174kg in 2006. Now The dosage is 230kg. At … Read more