As a leading brand in the plastic recycling industry, Shuliy has been dedicated to providing high-quality plastic recycling machinery. In this success story, we will share our successful case of a plastic recycling factory in Nigeria, the factory’s project is HDPE plastic bottle recycling.

Overview of HDPE plastic bottle recycling project

Our valued customer from Nigeria was new to the plastic recycling business and sought guidance and support in setting up their recycling facility. They had an abundant supply of HDPE plastic bottles and wanted to recycle them into high-quality recycled HDPE pellets, which could be further used in various industries.

HDPE plastic recycling machine working video

Great cooperation with Nigerian customer

Upon contacting us, the customer was connected with our experienced project manager, Sunny. She patiently addressed all of their queries and concerns of HDPE plastic bottle recycling. The customer had questions about the feasibility of recycling HDPE bottles, the machine’s output capacity, and the ideal temperature for HDPE pelletization. Sunny provided comprehensive and professional answers, instilling confidence in the customer’s decision to choose Shuliy as their equipment supplier.

Based on the customer’s requirements, we recommended our high-performance Plastic Pelletizer Machine, capable of handling the HDPE plastic bottles and producing recycled HDPE pellets at an impressive output of 500kg per hour. The machine’s efficient design ensured minimal energy consumption and optimal utilization of the raw material.

After finalizing the purchase, the Plastic Pelletizer Machine was promptly shipped to the customer’s recycling facility in Nigeria. Our team provided seamless installation and comprehensive training to ensure smooth operation. Upon completion, the customer enthusiastically shared a video of the plastic pelletizer in action, producing HDPE pellets that met their expectations. The recycled HDPE pellets exhibited excellent quality and consistency, making them ideal for further manufacturing processes.

HDPE recycling pelletizing machine

Inquires for your pelletizer machine

Are you looking to start or expand your plastic recycling business? Shuliy’s Plastic Pelletizer Machine is the perfect choice for turning waste into valuable recycled pellets. With an output capacity of 300-1000kg per hour, our recycling machienry guarantees high-quality results and a profitable venture.

plastic granulator

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