In communication with customers, we found that customers are most concerned about two issues. The first is the price of the machine. Second, how much money can the plastic recycling industry make?

First of all, the plastics recycling industry is an industry with a large market space.

Plastic is made of petroleum by cracking. First, ethylene, propylene and other gases are produced, and then polymerization occurs to make polypropylene, polyethylene, etc. As the price of petroleum has remained high in recent years, the production costs of plastics have also gradually increased. And plastic recycling can greatly reduce the cost of plastic production. Therefore, the market space for plastic recycling is still very broad.

Secondly, the profit margin of the plastics recycling industry is huge.

As we all know, in the plastic recycling industry, the recycling price of agricultural films and woven bags is the lowest. We buy it back at a price of about 1,400 yuan per ton. After making it into pellets, it can be sold for 2,000-4,000 yuan. Then even the cheapest recycled plastic can reach a gross profit of 600-2600 yuan per ton.

We sell plastic pellet production lines that can handle a variety of materials. The production range can reach 0.2-1 tons/hour. Taking the output of 0.5 tons/hour, the working time of a day is 8 hours.

Then one day can produce 0.5 * 8 = 4 tons, and the gross profit of one day is about 6000 yuan.

After deducting water, electricity and labor costs, the net profit for a day can reach 4,500 yuan. Calculated by working 22 days a month, a month’s profit can reach 100,000 yuan. And the selling price of our machine is in the range of 50000-500000, you can quickly pay back and start making money. If you have a plan for opening a plastic recycling plant, you can choose to buy my machine. We welcome you to bring raw materials to our factory for testing